Friday, December 30, 2005

What's at stake in the Moorthy case

Before we go on let me pause for a moment and recognize that perhaps we have lots of bloggers writing about the Moorthy case. Can we all take one step back and take a deep breath. Perhaps the issue here is not whether Moorthy was a Muslim or a Hindu. The issue here is that we have someone who is dead and two parties claim him. As far as I know his wife, yes the lady who was by his side till the day he died, claims he died a Hindu. The religious authorities claim he was Muslim.

The wife has nothing to gain by claiming that Moorthy died Hindu and the religious authorities stand to gain by claiming he was Muslim. After all they gain the corpse of a nationally renowned climber and they stand to disinherit his wife from his legacy, both financially and culturally.

So why do the rest of us take issue in this case of Islamo fascists versus Moorthy's next of kin? Well here's why.

1) The courts have no place deciding the religion of a person. The secular courts exist to enforce the secular laws of a country. A religious court exists to rule over Muslims. The secular courts must judge with the consent of the judged or else they must compel using force, which is why we have a police force and so on. Yet their jurisdiction is over Malaysians only or those who fall under the sway of Malaysian rule such as foreign drug dealers. the religious courts similarly rule over those of the religion. In determining whether Moorthy was Hindu or Muslim the religious court would have had no sway if Moorthy was Hindu and that was a question not for the court (even the secular) to decide. The court has, at best, the role of determining what his religion was. In this determination they should study the evidence as they best can to see what it was that occured. The courts have clearly usurped the right of every free man to decide for himself what his conscience will permit in the way of believe, be it whether he chooses to worship the moon, a cow or a stone .

2) That the man was clearly a Hindu at one time is self apparent. The religious authorities claimed he converted. Claims require proof and claims of such magnitude require proof of such magnitude. That no proof was produced before the court in the way of documentation and so on is appalling. That any lawyer can stand before a court and state that the syariah court has decided on something so no evidence is necessary is not compelling enough. The syariah court is neither responsible to us nor are we responsible to the syariah court. It's an internal Muslim club and what your club has decided stays in your little sector of society. The rest of us don't really give a damm. That a man could be robbed of his heritage without any evidence shows that the courts have lost their way. A judge cannot say it's like this because I feel it, the evidence has to be there to support it.

3) That our national religion would tussle over a dead man is troubling. If a national religion cannot act with dignity and treat the weakest in the society with magnamity then perhaps its time for it to retire and let someone else take a turn, assuming we need a national religion.

4) That a Muslim judge could be allowed to ehar a case like this is equally troubling. A judge should have been found who was neither Muslim nor Hindu. After all the role of any court in any land is to be an impartial arbiter in any situation. Was justice done?

All the issues together are very troubling. What's msot troubling is that the majority in Malaysia who claim the name of Muslim are not outraged that, on their behalf, the Islamic authorities have taken to body snatching. Is there no more space in Islam Hadhari for a sense of shame at doing wrong or are we supposed to consider this as an inshala (will of god) moment?

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Friday, December 16, 2005

Google News Pressure

When you visit a doctor, they take your blood pressure and that number helps to say something. Google News has an automagical way of telling you how much news pressure a story has.

So looking at Google News today we can see (screen shot)

That the Iraqi Elections have immense News Pressure. 2,716 is a lot of related articles for one news story. Being a news junkie I will usually click on a story I lack interest in if it has a news pressure of around 1,500. 1,500 is a level which already shouts that this story is circling the world. 2,716 is probably something like a tsunami type article or maybe if the leader of a major nation takes a bullet to the head.

That Google did not make it a leading story is already suspicious. Next we go to CNN:

CNN would like to tell us about a snow storm. Makes sense since a snow job would quite obscure the biggest news event of the day...News pressure? 331

Ok ok, maybe I'm reading too much into this. After all, CNN has a 'CNN International' (sounds like something from the ex-USSR...internationale) - News pressure? 694

Come on guys. News junkies need a fix of whats really in the news. Start giving us the news and stop trying to tell us what the news is....

Even Aljazeera puts it on the front page (with a suitable anti-US spin)

Monday, December 12, 2005


Now this is what I call sportsmanship. There are some weblog award things going on. Funny thing is for the humour/comics caterogy Cox&Forkum and Day by Day both featured a vote for the other guy comic. It's a tough category to vote since lots of the entries there are so deserving. The sportsmanship is surprising.

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Cover up going strong

14 days (2 weeks) ago the Prime Minister stood before the Malaysian people and clearly stated 'there will be no cover ups' in the investigation of the prison case where a girl, whom we presume is a China national, is forced to do squats for no reason by a tudung clad poliecowman.

In the last 14 days I sum up what has been done to ensure there are no cover ups.

So far we have had a lot of excuses made and his deputy minister has taken a lot of heat by being a buffoon.

Till today we still know nothing more than the first day except that now we know the police are incapable of policing themselves. Tragically enough, apparently neither are those who are supposedly in control of the police force.

Let me repeat what a no cover up situation is:

1) Who was the blue tudung woman?

2) Who authorised this form of treatment of prisoners?

3) Who was in charge of the blue tudung woman all the way to the top?

4) Where does the buck stop?

5) How widespread is this practice

6) What's going to be done to ensure it doesn't happen again?

Until now there has been a defeaning silence. When the present prime minister came to office I was optimisitic that it wasn't a case of same shit different day. Apparently it is. It's the worse form of business as usual where the rights of the little man are trampled so that those at the top don't have to get their hands dirty with such things as accountability and hard work.

It's end of the year and one of the things we do is evaluations of the previous year. There is a Malay saying which states that the son is a lot like the father. In this case if those who are in charge of the police refuse to be accountable then how the hell can you expect the last cop down the line, the guy taking bribes from motorists, to show any accountability?


When you have nothing left to say in your defence then start doing random attacks since hopefully you'll create enough noise to confuse the issue.

BARISAN Nasional MPs questioned the rationale behind DAP making public a video clip showing a woman doing ear squats in the nude at a police station.

Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Noh Omar said the police had already been probing the case before the DAP showed the clip to parliamentarians.

So much for 'no cover ups'. Clearly this is a cover up of the worst kind.

Noh Omar, spend your time finding out the answers to the questions the public has rather than being a buffoon in parliament.

Monday, December 5, 2005

Right vs Legal

I am very troubled. A girl was stripped naked and made to do ear squats. She had to do this where someone could see her. This is apparent since a video was made of the process and transmitted via cellphone. It shook the country.

Now those who are trying to make excuses are out in full force.

The first excuse was that the one guilty was the person who took the shots since its illegal to make such videos. Beside the point. Whether the person taking the video was guilty or not has no bearing on the horror of what was done.

Then they tried to say that this is standard practice in order to reveal concealed items. Yet we need to think very hard on that.

This is what Canada has to say about such searches.

14. Where a staff member believes on reasonable grounds that an inmate is carrying contraband in a body cavity, the staff member may not seize or attempt to seize that contraband, but will inform the Institutional Head.

15. Where the Institutional Head is satisfied that there are reasonable grounds to believe that an inmate is carrying contraband in a body cavity and that a body cavity search is necessary in order to find or seize the contraband, the Institutional Head may authorize in writing a body cavity search to be conducted by a qualified medical practitioner, if the inmate's consent is obtained.

Why the heck do they need a qualified practitioner? Here's a good experiment. Shove some contraband up your butt and then do ten squats. Chances are unless you are trying to smuggle a grand piano into the lock-up it will not fall out. Well it could possibly fall out if you are aggresively gay with a very aggresive partner but this is not the kind of blog where we discuss that kind of thing.

After that, they told those who were unhappy that they could go home. Incidentally the deputy minister who uttered this has since been censured by the prime minister. He then said he accepted the verbal smackdown with an 'open heart'. Yeah an open heart like the dude in Indiana Jones who was sacrificed. Remember the guy who chants and then rips the guys heart out? Yeah an 'open heart' indeed.

Anyway that excuse doesn't hold. It's not about whether the victim was foreign or local. It's about how a public servant who earns public funds carried out their job or abused their position.

So the media tried to cast doubt on whether she was a foreigner and said she was a local arrested for a drug offence. Here's the news fools, it doesn't matter if she was local or foreign, and it sure doesn't matter what she was arrested for. The act was wrong.

Now apparently the discussion is heading to whether it was 'legal'. Without putting too fine a point on it let's just say that killing Jews in Nazi Germany and slavery were perfectly 'legal' at various points in history.

Why is it that we refuse to answer the fundamental questions:

1) Was this act right?

2) If it wasn't then what the heck are we as a nation going to do about it?

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Racist police

A Chinese woman (I'm not sure of what nationality) was stripped naked in a police lockup and forced to do ear squats. She was forced to do so in a place where some stranger (yet to be determined) was able to take naked picutres of her. The police officer who did it to her was a Malay woman. Not only a Malay woman but a devout Muslim. She wore a tudung after all and wearing the tudung is optional in Malaysia. Generally those who consider themselves devout Muslims wear the tudung.

Now Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Seri Musa Hassan has said that she has done no wrong.

“It is the perpetrator behind the video clip whom we are after and not the policewoman, who was carrying out a routine check,” said Musa.

There is clearly a racist response here. Would Musa have said the same thing if the ear squat woman had been Malay and the policewoman had been a Chinese woman wearing a big gold cross?

The truth of the matter is that the police persecute those who are not Malay. Look at those on the extra judicial death in custody list. 10% of Malaysians are ethnically Indian yet so many on that list are Indian.

The truth of the matter is that the police are prepared to look the other way when Malay people commit crimes. I invite any blogger reading this to join me at Damansara Uptown on Tuesday 11.30PM. Let's see the illegal Malay stall holders setting up shop as usual while the police less than 200 metres away in their quarters pretend not to know anything. Already one murder has occured in this illegal night market and yet they want to pretend.

If the police cannot be trusted to look after the interest of ALL Malaysians regardless of ethnic heritage then it will lead to situations whereby Malaysians make their own way.

Remember, the Malay person tried to Malay-ise the education system and screwed it up. As a result the Chinese built an education system that rivals and regularly outperforms the government system. Even Malay people send their children to Chinese schools. Now the government wants to co-opt these schools by using a vision school chimeara that is neither here nor there.

Similarly with communal security. If the police can not be trusted anymore to take care of everyone then the day will come when steps will be taken. Unfortunately education is a personal choice affecting only the diameter of one personal space. Policing affects the community around it. If a parallel policing system were to come about it would be extremely traumatic for the nation as a whole. Better that the police look into how a good job can be done now before chaos descends.

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Vatican attempts to trump Islam

Years after the nonsense about Islamic science started, the Vatican is trying to get in on the same act.

Cardinal Paul Poupard, head of the Pontifical Council for Culture, said the Genesis description of how God created the universe and Darwin's theory of evolution were 'perfectly compatible' if the Bible were read correctly.

Read correctly means doing it at the crossroad on a full moon midnight while holding the leg of a male frog in one hand and stump water in the other. It is preferred that this is done while standing on one's head.

Meanwhile the Vatican has yet to call a crusade after the burning of churches in France. What's the point of paying for the Vatican if they aren't going to be doing anything worthwhile.

Thursday, November 3, 2005

Where you came from

Fong Po Kuan, gutsy lady, was suspended from parliament some time ago in a government bench power play.

Now she's sharing on her blog where she started out. This is part one and it certainly adds a face to the person, which augurs well for the opposition.

The opposition in Malaysia has always bemoaned lack of airtime. Well here it is so now they are trumping the faceless people in the government. It's like Star Wars. Wedge Antilles was a second string role but we know his name. None of us knew the name of the two wingmen who flew into the Death Star trench with Darth Vader. As long as the opposition can put a 'face' to its people then it will have gained an edge in Malaysia.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Australia: It's ok to beat your wife if you're a Muslim

Used to be the most politically inccorect joke I knew was 'What's the difference between your wife, your dog and good sex?' the answer being 'You can beat your wife, you can beat your dog but you can't beat good sex'.

Apparently the Australian police are being told that this is true (except for the dog beating part).

POLICE are being advised to treat Muslim domestic violence cases differently out of respect for Islamic traditions and habits.

Officers are also being urged to work with Muslim leaders, who will try to keep the families together.

The glossy guides would have cost at least $300,000 to produce, a printing industry expert said.

If they had given me the 30,000 I would have printed a one page easy to keep guide. It would read:

We have one set of laws for everyone. If they break the law, book 'em.

In order to be consistent in terms of quality it would be printed on glossy card that every cop could keep in his wallet. In fact, we would give each and every one of them a box to give out to other folks.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Indians not important

In the grand scheme of things, it appears that the government of the country takes the Indian community as a grand joke. A government MP used a very derogatory word in parliament and now it's 'no big deal'.

Ramli, who had been trying in vain to calm the MPs down earlier, finally got the parliamentarians to sit quietly.

“Every Yang Berhormat speaks a lot and sometimes, there is a slip of the tongue.

“But according to the rules, the matter is deemed resolved when an offending word is retracted,” he said.

May I suggest strongly that Kulasegaran call either Badruddin or Ramli (house speaker) an 'anak babi' (son of a pig) and promptly retract those remarks?

After all, they claim that once a remark is retracted everything is ok again. For shame.

Whether it is legally fine or not is one matter. Whether the Barisan Nasional, defenders of a representative coalition in a multi racial context will stand to have such representatives is another matter altogether. Whether the people of Jerai want such a racist to be their representative is another matter.

My personal views on the bufoon aside, I think the people in the BN and Jerai should not put up with such things. If this is the best represntative Jerai can find then maybe Jerai should volunterily decide not to have a rep in parliament.

The Friday before Eid

It's the Friday before Hari Raya (which is called Eid elsewhere). Muslim men celebrate one month of fasting during the holy month, Muslim women are not allowed to fast when they are having their period so I'm not entirely sure what they are celebrating. Maybe since the guys are celebrating they are good sports and tag along.

Anyway since most Malay people come from rural backgrounds in the last two generations most of them will be exiting the city and returning to their villages. It's a good sign to be able to return in affluence and show off new automobiles or new furniture. Rich or poor, some will spend to excess and then regret it later.

The wiser ones will spend in moderation.

Part of Ramadhan is to refrain from temptations. Splashing out hard earned cash to 'look good' during Raya may not be a wise move in the long run. I saw numerous individuals swiping their credit cards, for amounts going into the thousands!

Perhaps being Chinese I never quite understood the need to buy new furniture. During the Chinese New Year the basic minimum is a set of new clothes. Some food and drinks for friends who dropped by and a very clean home. You cleaned house with a vengence so as not to 'lose face' particularly in front of less welcome relatives.

Anyway this year the celebration is on Thursday and Friday next week. Yes, they say they have to wait for the sighting of the moon but the rest of us count it off on our fingers and so far we haven't been wrong. Tuesday is an Indian festival so that's a public holiday too. All in all three days in one week means offices may close for the entire week anyway.

The roads will probably be congested tonight with folks battling to get a jump on other travellers. Happens every year.

Well to all Muslim and Hindu friends who will be celebrating Eid and Deepavali next week, have a good trip home and get back here safely. Cheers.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Scientist and Engineer

In Malaysian schools they apparently ask children to tell them what their career aspirations are when they don't have a clue. Here's someones card.

Now, how the heck can you want to be both a scientist and an engineer. Scientists are people who look for perfect solutions and models and explanations and all that crud. Basically they have their heads in the clouds while their butts are sinking beneath the waves like the rest of us.

I'm an engineer. If chewing gum/duct tape/a rubber band will hold it together then that's what we go with. Remember, there's only two things you need in your tool box....WD 40 and duct tape. If it should move use the WD 40, if it should use the duct tape. Screws can be opened with finger nails, coins, car keys, credit card (it costs you money to get an instant replacement by the way). Bolts? Well only scientists use thigns like bolts, after all why bolt something when you may have to open it when it's broken?

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Eat Dirt

Ok. Eatting dirt is apparently no longer just for scumbags....sigh somuch for 'Eat Dirt, Scumbag'

On the positive side I learnt a new term today...'Geophagy'

Monday, October 3, 2005

International Old Day

Apparently October the 1st was International Old People's Day. You need to be 60 and above to qualify.

It was also International Alzheimer's Day during the same week. Must have been a busy week for some people if they could have remembered it.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Malaysian the the UN summit

The Malaysian PM made a speech at the UN summit.

We must also maintain a distinction between acts of terrorism and the right of peoples fighting for self-determination. It is equally unjustifiable to associate terrorism with any particular race or religion. Terrorists must be singled out only by their acts of terror and nothing else.

In other words, we cannot equate Islam with terror. I have always maintained that not all Muslims are terrorists. In fact not even most Muslims are terrorists. Yet the question still remains why is it that most terrorists are Muslims? Badawi, Islamic scholar that he is, does not provide us an answer and I am still in the dark.

In World War Two, Japan invaded our nation. Guess what? We shot anyone who was Japanese. Were most of the Japanese aggresors? Nope. Did most of the aggresors happen to be Japanese? Unfortunately yes. So what did we do? We shot and disabled as many Japanese as we damm well could get away with. Islam today faces that same problem but we only have folks saying 'we must not associate terrorism...'

Still no solutions.


Note that this is not to advocate shooting, maiming or disabling anyone yet we see that a solution lies somewhere in the group where the problem is. Similarly as we do not look for a cure to breast cancer by examining men we have to look for a cure to terrorism by looking at its biggest constituency.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The lesson of the tea shoppe

An Indian blogger posts about the tea shop.

Here in Malaysia we have tea shops too. People hang out there and a cup of coffee costs about 10 times less than at starbucks. Some of them are air conditioned wonders too in which case the coffee may be twice as expensive, but even then it's cheap.

These are market driven wonders and if every advocate of affirmative action wanted to truly 'uplift' the fate of a people they would get them to open something like a tea shop.

Tea shops can be as humble (one counter with a stove) or opulent (fountains and plaster mouldings - check out Restaurant Kayu at ss2) as the owner can afford. It doesn't require government subsidies at all. Find a spot somewhere and set up. Work hard, keep the costs low, work even harder and with a little bit of luck you get rich.

Best part for me is that my tax dollars won't be used subsidizing anyone's learning curve.

Thursday, September 8, 2005

Indonesia Sucks Part 3

Indonesia has done it again. Three women are going to jail for three years just because they actually cared enough to organise a fun weekend for children.

Games, food and prizes just like kids everywhere in the world get when they are kids. That's a jailable offence. Oh, but wait one minute, guess what? In countries where kids get these things you will realise that Jihadism tends to not get much play since the kids are actually busy playing and developing.

It's only in horrible parts of the world where children grow up with old sticks to beat each other with that Jihad tends to take hold. After all, what fun is an old stick. You can only re-enact 'Uncle Achmed beheads the kafeer son of a pig and ape' so many times before it gets old and you wish you had Grand Theft Auto or Halo to play.

It's in horrible parts of the world where the family goat looks like the mullah who in turn looks like Uncle Achmed from Esfahan that Jihad takes hold. No one is sure what Mum looks like since she hides under that burqa all day.

I betya there's a correlation between happy meals and the likelihood with which people will advocate blowing themselves up. In addition to the big mac index we should have a happy meal index. We correlate the number of happy meals sold in a country against the percentage of seats held by Muslim parties. We can then sub-divide the country.

Besides the happy meal index we could also try the Hot Wheels or Matchbox or Nintendo or Playstation (you get the trend) index.

It's a shame that people who are too busy preaching hate to take care of their own children and provide them entertainment get all pissed off when someone else gives a shit enough to do it for them.

How did Arafat die

In a more closely guarded secret than who did Kennedy (John F that is) we are still unclear on how Yasser died. Note that I would say Arafat but given the number of Arafat's dropping like flies these days, it would be confusing. However here's an article that has something to add.

Dr. Ashraf al-Kurdi, Arafat's personal physician who played no part in the late PA chairman's medical care during the final weeks of his life, said that he knows that the French doctors found the AIDS virus in Arafat's blood. Al-Kurdi refuses to divulge the source of this information, but claims that the virus was put into Arafat's blood in an effort to blur the traces of poisoning, which was the cause of death.

So the doctor who was Arafat's personal doctor said

1) He had AIDS in his blood

2) It was a Jewish plot

The second statement is the normal pap they spout anyway so we can probably ignore it. The Israelis generally take out rats with helicopter gunships and rockets. Poison is more a womans tool.

So all we really do know from this doctor is that, somehow, Yasser had got a serious case of AIDS. So as with the entire Middle East process, for all those keeping score at home, we now need to ask 'who screwed who?'

Thursday, September 1, 2005

The curse of natural resources

Imagine a country with tin, lots and lots of tin. Imagine it has tons of arable land where it grows cash crops such as oil palm and rubber. Then imagine it pumps out so much crude oil (light and sweet too) from its waters and lands that it pumps more than it uses. Add to that forests chock full of good quality hard wood. Then imagine it also has gold, bauxite, titanium and other strategic resources. Then why does the country have people living below the poverty line?

Now imagine this country randomly took 10% of its population and set them adrift on an island (48 kilometres wide at its longest point). This island has no resources at all.

This is the Malaysian conundrum for me. How come we have so much in the way of natural resources yet we are not ten times or a hundred times richer than Singapore?

Was reading this post which offers a great summary of a book. I read the authors other book (the lexus and the olive tree) which was worth reading.

Friedman’s theory is that government and the oligarchy which owns it will always find some way to take care of themselves. If there are easily exploitable natural resources, there is no need for the rulers to involve their subjects in the project. Not needing help from their subjects, the rulers don’t have to give them anything in return. So they don’t. No share in the loot. No democracy. No effective government. Nothing.

Will probably go to MPH this weekend to look for the book.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Ex PM Repents

The Ex Prime Minister of Malaysia has returned 7 vehicles to Proton. Proton is the national auto maker and under the tenure of the ex PM was given protected status which meant exorbitant tariffs on imported vehicles. It was also given a lot of startup money from public funds and favourable treatment. Let's see now. Imagine if Toyota was given all this favourable treatment and then gave away cars to Japanese law makers. Included in the cars returned was a VW Phaeton (a luxury car which is actually quite a good looker) and a Taureg. The value of the Phaeton alone is around USD 67K in the US. And this is just one of the 7 cars given to him. In a nation where the per capita GDP for 2004 was around USD 10,000.

By the way this was not a gift to the people of Malaysia or to the office of the PM. It was a gift to the person who happened to be Prime Minister at the time and apprently it was for a 'test drive'. Imagine if Boeing gave a free corporate jet to GW Bush, even if it was for a 'test'. Imagine if Ferrari gave a free car to Berlusconi for a 'test drive'. Do our local newspapers have no idea what corruption is or must we look the other way every time something like this happens?

So has he repented? Only time will tell.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Boy auctioning first kiss

Powerline talks about a boy auctioning off his first kiss. Amazing that an 18 year old has never been kissed. Of many minds about this and what it means, especially whether its a good thing or not.

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

The Catholic Church stands againt Terrorism

Unless you are a dirty Jew who is part of the international zionist conspiracy. Alan Dershowitz ladies and gentleman.

Let us now try to understand the Vatican’s bizarre policy on terrorism. Recently Pope Benedict XVI condemned terrorist attacks against civilians in Great Britain, Egypt, Iraq, and Turkey. In a pregnant omission – very pregnant in light of the Vatican’s long history of silence in the face of attacks against Jews – the Pope omitted any mention of the country that has suffered the largest number of terrorist attacks against civilians since 9/11, namely, Israel. When the Israeli government understandably protested the omission, the Vatican’s position became even more troubling. It singled out Israel for criticism, saying that that beleaguered nation’s responses to attacks against its civilians was “not always compatible with the rules of international law.” It then went on to say that the Vatican could not protest every Palestinian attack against Jewish civilians if Israel did not always follow international law.

The Roman Catholic understandably wants us to not tar the entire church when a small group of clergy molests children. So if every member of the clergy does not follow norms on the standards of dealling with children then clearly by their own standards we must judge everyone by these same acts?

When Christ was crucified the Roman Pilate washed his hands of the situation. It appears that these Romans are once again washing their hands as Jews die. Shame......

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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Sky Kingdom to sue

The Sky Kingdom (covered here, here, here, and here) is going to sue the Besut land office for destroying the compound of the Sky Kingdom (saw it on Politics 101).

In addition the police have to investigate why policemen were there making up their own orders rather than taking orders from the courts. The court said do not destory and they went ahead and protected those who contravened the rule of law.

Remeber Ayah Pin has renounced his Muslim faith. As such how can the religious courts charge him? If the religious courts can charge anyone THEY claim to be Muslim then I am in trouble because tomorrow they could proclaim me a Muslim and charge me for eatting pork and drinking beer. I for one will declare now that should I ever be declared a Muslim and asked to appear before the syariah court, I will go wearing a pig skin jacket and tote along a bottle of either Black Label or Absolut Vodka. I trust that fellow bloggers will turn up carrying orange and coca-cola to any such trial. A good time should be had by all except the self proclaimed 'gods' who run this dog and pony show.

They claim to worship an omnipotent god. Can't be too omnipotent if he ran out of lightning and needed a few backwater keystone kops to demolish a stone teapot. Ayah Pin, ladies and gentlemen. A man hoping to be left alone to belief what he believed. Never attacked a Muslim, never vandalized a mosque, never flushed a koran, never did nothing to no one. Just set up a compound and helped folks. Yet that wasn't good enough for his neighbours.

Somehow their Islam was threatened by his life and they attacked. So the next time suicide bombers claim to be motivated by Iraq war/the crusades/Israel or anything else....well it don't take much to get them worked up. Sometimes just wanting to be left alone to belief what you belief and building a stone teapot will set them off...

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Contestant Number 13

South Thailand beheading now has contestant number 13, our new challenger is Eakasak Visetsuwannaphum, 29. Apparently his 'sin' to the Islamo-Facist rat bastards who did this was that he was the SON OF A POLICEMAN. Remember if you go out and spit on the son of a suicide bomber (damm most of them don't have kids do they.......natural selection maybe) it's a 'hate crime'. Heck according to blown-hair-affirmative-action-poster-child Condi Rice, it's not even ok to target active terrorists, at least not if you're's perfectly ok for her boss.

So here we now have the sons of Mohamad targetting the sons of policemen, duly constituted authority in a land they live in.

By the way the article is wrong. This is not number 11, it's number 13. And here's the whole gory list. The stupid western press is giving the Muslims a discount again, behead 13 but only report as 11. BAH HUMBUG!!!!

12 Sampan Onyala - policeman

11 Surin Somchit - water company employee

9 & 10
Jad Suwanchatree, 52, and his wife Serm, 51 - farmers

8 Lek Pongpa, 34 - clothes vendor

6 and 7 Unknown Lao farm workers.

1 to 5 with number 5 being Kamol Chuneth and when I started counting.

By the way to make this list you need to be beheaded. Shootings, bombings, church burnings, strangulation etc do not count. The rules are simple. Head seperated from rest of body and you make this list....

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Thursday, July 7, 2005

Neologism of the day

Deja moo: the feeling that you've heard this bull before.

[Courtesy of GOC]

Wednesday, July 6, 2005


Been wandering around the last couple of days without a network connection. So far Jakarta has welcomed a new vistor well. Will try to push out a few thoughts as and when the limited connectivity I have allows me to do so.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Cost of blogger or wordpress: 0

Cost of domain name: USD 30 /year

Cost to brand image of threatening the little guy: Priceless

Which is why for everything else there's Mastercard.

Visa is trying to steamroll some poor Malaysian blogger who is trying to keep his domain name here. I strongly urge all Malaysian bloggers to post about this. In a connected world there is no reason to not do a 'name and shame' except that you clearly couldn't be bothered to get off your ass, put down those cheetos and type out 3 minutes worth of words.

Remember, if you are on the internet from your home (internet connection plus computer), you can speak at least one language and you are literate enough to read and write, you are a potential customer for Visa. Your views matter.

Also, for those of you who have a visa. Call up the bank NOW and switch it to a mastercard. Tell them politely but firmly that this is going down and you are upset. For those who have two cards, cancel the visa. You can always get a mastercard from another bank.

Yes, I know that both cards are owned by a massive common pigopoly but this is the only way to show them that it sucks and to hit them where it hurts. The time to act is NOW.

Saw this via Mack at Brand New Malaysian.

Until this is resolved one way or another I am offering a link on this post to any blog which is willing to publicize this. Heck, it may bring you one of the 5 readers I have on this blog to your blog. Besides, its good for you to help another blogger.

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Monday, May 30, 2005


Even the Israelis bulldozing the homes of homicide-bombers have never bulldozed entire neighbourhoods. This is what Zimbabwe is doing.

80% unemployment, supression of opposing voices, violence against your own just gets better and better.

This guy can't even feed his people but can spend millions to build his own mansion.

By the way, Malaysia sent him tropical logs to build that mansion because the last PM said he was a leader of the nation. With friends like these Malaysia does not need enemies.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Apparently Al Zarqawi is injured.

The posting's authenticity could not be verified, but it was posted on a Web site known for carrying prior statements by al Qaeda in Iraq and other militant groups.

Thursday, May 5, 2005

Pendio Slippery

Sigh....not sure how to say slippery slope in Italian.

The Italian government is moving to ban a web site for showing an offensive picture of the pope. For the record I think they should be allowed to publish whatever they want. Censorship of their views today would mean that censorship is a legitimate option. It's not.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Florists Galore

A girl's birthday is coming up and since she's not my girlfriend and a close friend she gets flowers. To bring someone out for a private dinner may be misconstrued by idle eyes, minds and tongues.

My favourite florist in KL is the Wishing Tree. When I was in Hawaii we received a garland at the hotel (lovely practice may I add) which is a lot like the practice of them leaving some flowers in your room in Thailand. The garlands are left in packets of large leaves before being taken out and presented.

That was forgotten for a long time. Then one day I had to send some flowers locally. Imagine how pleasant it was to see flowers come all wrapped up in a cone shaped leave rather than paper, gauzy cloth or plastic (plastics the worst). After that this is the only place I get my flowers from.

I remember one particular persons comments about the flowers received. 'Even if I remove the flowers, the decorations are nice enough to be a bouquet'.

By the way I work in software so my taste in flowers may not be up to the par of more discerning punters....[add all other standard disclaimers here]

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Gun vs Gun

Jeff has this piece of humor. Then they came up with the M-16. Good but a cleaning horror. And the Viet Cong had the AK-47. A beast but easy to clean.

'Hey GI, whatcya doin?' budda-budda-budda.........

Monday, April 4, 2005

The evils of colonialism

A long time ago there was a man named Cecil Rhodes who was an evil colonialist. He took over the lands of the poor oppressed people. thankfully he was eventually kicked out and now they are free to be oppressed by their own people.

Of course our last prime minister sent timber to build this guys private mansion but whats a few sticks among despots eh!

Mr. Mugabe will be immune of any repercussions from his acts of oppressing his own people. After all, you can be a white minority leading the richest nation in Afria but you would be doing something wrong. You could be a black man starving your own people but that would be ok.'s only Monday and I am starting to rant already. It's going to be a long week.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Cool new toys

Face it, everyone likes cool new toys. One of the things is that when it comes to cool new toys (CNTs) everyone likes to show theirs off to get an 'ooooh' or 'aaaah' from the person listening. Problem is that its embaressing (yes it's also embaressing I cannot spell this word :) for the listener if its not cool or new.

It's like your mom telling her ladies meeting that she got a funny email attachment. Then everyone there is delighted that she has email and they start to twitter over 'new technology'.

Well in many ways Americans have access to cool toys we don't have. Blackberry is one and probably tivo. Generally speaking their toys involve adding batteries and lots of other expensive gizmo infrastructure in the background.

We get many toys here they don't have which don't involve the two. Let's start with this. Back in the OLD days (more than 10 years ago) I worked fast food here (for all of three days until I quit because preparing massive amounts of peppers gave me a rash and made my hands bleed). When I was working fast food they already had these covers.

Then I wondered why I never got one for my PC at home...ooooh maybe because a keyboard here costs around RM 20 for a disposable one and RM 50 for a better one (approx RM4=1USD). Then I saw it was a Mac. I guess people who will pay for overpriced crap ......ooops said wrong word. Let's look here for data on the Imac. The site asks how fast do you want to go today. Possibly you need to ask when you can't give a person all the speed they could want and then some.

Comparisons here are against my RM2000/USD500 AMD (non-overclocked) machine. Since its unfair to compare it against a notebook I chose the desktop edition here. Okey, the top of the line monster they got here is come's in at USD 2,999. Wow, I could get a lot of bananas for the difference in price. Heck I could have 3 PCs for the price of that baby.

First of all, we can forget the actual processor since most bottlenecks now occur at 3 strategic points (1) storage IO, (2) memory and (3) graphics card.

Heh, comes standard with 512MB RAM. Look at the bottom of the page. Someone is advertising a 2 gig kit for USD 300++. Ermmmmm that's the cost of my machine without the monitor. sorry babe, I came with standard 2 gig dual channel.

Graphics card? ATI Radeon 9600XT. Look here for a video card comparison...I use a FX 5700 but that's after I disabled the on board video. Ok, it's not the ultra and I did spend around RM 700 (USD175) on it. Incidentally if you need more graphics rendering mojo then you can stick a second card in there.

2 hard drive bays and 1 cd rom bay? gimme a break people. 1 CD rom, 1 CD burner (standard cost), 3 hard drives (1 SATA inherited from other machine). You don't even have room for what I am using in my cheap dinky machine.

I have the nework card they have and I raise by having an MDI-X type port for the network card. Apple should put these in their machines. Most of their users are clueless so straight cable and cross cable would be meaningless terms leading some long haired, body pierced hippy to go 'huh?'. I like it mainly because I have tons of cables lying around after a data centre job I did for a friend. Never been organised enough to bother about marking the cables.

I will grant that the firewire ports they have are better than the one piddly firewire port I have but then again its not really something you miss all that much anyway. Since no monitor is listed I am going to assume thats the price without monitor. My price includes a monitor (which I replaced since I don't have enough desk real estate).

Overpriced and sucks badly. Ok, granted they have pretty casings but check out the casings for PCs these days....Speaking of which I should probably go get new power supply.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Inaugration Day - When you stand for your liberty we will stand with you

Disgrace disgrace disgrace

Out here in KL, we only have CNN, MSNBC and the BBC to provide wall to wall news. That's assuming you don't want to watch terrorist news network. Al-Jazeera is lagged anyway since the local terrorists only speak Malay. Sure the recite the book really well in Arabic but here's a big open secret, most of 'em don't understand what they're mumbling. Must be a big downer when god eternal who created everything doesn't speak your language. Sort of like how a student caught for plagarism tells you he didn't know what was in the paper :)

Anyway in terms of speed of the transmission it was in the order of BBC, CNN, MSNBC. Imagine that the Beeb actually faster on the news than anyone. Plus its 4PM in London (tea time). Tsk tsk tsk.

I started off turning to CNN (its the logical progression on my remote so live with it). There was a pre-inaugration smear show which basically went on about how the president protected Israel and screwed the Palestinians. Also it went on about how the other nations were dumping the US dollars due to GWB being re-elected. Well, such is life.

Anyway it was dump dump dump all the way. When Dick Cheney appeared they went on about how he was not running for president unlike other vice-presidents. Imagine Dick Cheney growling in his deadpan about how the elections were stolen by hanging chad.....PHHBBBTTTTT!!!!

When the pres appeared it sucked when they went on about how Trentt Lott made a bad speech. Betya they didn't mention the BJ word during Clinton's inaugration.

Then they went on about Micheal Newdow but we will talk about this later. This was the only thing they found worthy to mention about Rehnquist? PHHHHBTTTT!!!!

By the way Rehnquist's voice rules. I think he has some kind of respirator because it hisses when he speaks. All they needed was to voice over him with James Earl Jones and he would be Darth you swear to defend the empire? har har!!!

Then they talked about how the pres took loads of cash from loads of companies for this inaugration. So what? It's their money and they can spend it. Apparently they started by mentioning that they spent $40 million. Apparently each company was only allowed to donate $250,000. CNN mentions how some companies circumvented these by donating and then having various officers donate. At least they mention that Time-Warner gave $250,000. Imagine that, $40 million at 250K per entity. 160 entities anteing up at the maximum amount? Difficult? Doubt it.

They then dropped the other shoe. Apparently the 40 million was equal to X number of humvees in Iraq. Ouch!

Notice how the CNN never mentioned anything unfriendly about anyone else in the crowd. Such as a John Kerry who looked like he was skulking in a corner. Actually Ex Singaporean PM Goh has the same problem. We speculate its due to height. Tall people get used to bending slightly to hear everyone else. It becomes so normal that it looks like they're skulking around.

Ok, let's talk about the two prayes. Notice that while the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation broadcast the prayers wholesale, CNN decided to voice over the thing with commentary :P Where Micheal Newdow failed TWICE in the supreme court, CNN - immunity idol to Micheal Newdow. As a result, prayer got voted off the air. Even MSNBC aired the prayers.

They did however, not voice over the singers. Guess what? Flipped back to the Beeb.

Cool!!!! Frum is on the Beeb. He's talking about how this is the first president to win so much of a margin (in relation to some bood on the beeb) and win so many seats in the house and congress.

Now the Beeb is setting up the next four years of attacks. They are saying that controlling both houses and the oval office leaves the republicans no excuse for mistakes. Look out for heavy blamestorms.

Frum's saying that this means more pressure on the sand exporters (once the oil runs out) to reform since the US will not allow them to wallow in their present state. Change may no be railroaded but it will come.

Some woman talking head went to Iraq with Jimmy Carter and Christy Todd Whitman is saying that America is going to 'fix' the elections. She's saying that he'll be judged on the consistency of his survivability.

Heh!!! They said the pres had a block of four lines in his speech where he mentions 'liberty' four times and he mentions slavery and so on. This is probably to get his address in stone somewhere just as Lincoln did :) Perhaps, perhaps. Else it's a good back handed compliment for whoever the speech writer was.

Frum's right the pres comes in with two houses behind him but the other two feel that the folks in the house are not going to line up since some are going to face the ballot in two years. They have their jobs on the line but the pres is on the way out (by the way CNN used the term 'lame duck').

Don't underestimate the potential of American force for good and for peace. If GIs had not went up agaisnt the emperors troops during the second world war, I would be speaking Japanese and bowing to the rising sun or still fighting in the jungles, as part of the family traidition.

Beeb coverage over. Now back to CNN.

Ouch!!! CNN is talking about the price tag again. Get over it guys.

CNN says the president mentions the word freedom and liberty 36 times in his speech.

They're also talking about casualties in Iraq. Oh, by the way did you know the pres doesn't care about the troops dying out there. CNN says his speech says he will spend the next four years looking inwards.

Back to the Beeb. Hmmm still more talking heads.

The guy is talking about how the pres has the lowest opinion polls of anyone to be re-elected. And he says in the same breath that the party won all houses, most governerships and so on and so on. Disjoint anyone?

Heh, someone saying grace before the meal. Imagine that. That's really compelling folks to believe in God. You don't pray, you don't eat....har ar ar ar!!!!

What? The Beeb says that the pres will fail because people in his own party are going to balk at his 'excess of vision'. Social security, the war in Iraq etc. So they predict this will lead the pres to go hat in hand to the capitals of Europe and 'tear down the rhetoric' of the first term :) Fat hope. This small 18 inch circle in a corner of the world appreciates a global police force paid for by American tax dollars.

Ok, the Beeb is covering tsunamis now. Apparently the UN will come up with a framework for a mechanism for regional tsunami warning in one year. The target is that within 18 months there will be the capacity to provide warning (sorry someone translate this for me). Apparently one of the problems is that this provides a 'rare opportunity' to consider other disasters and not just tsunamis. Such as floods and storms. Wonder if it should control the weather and become self-aware and call itself Skynet :)

Heh...CNN is covering an EU conference on the 'impact' of another four years of GWB. The Beeb is covering the US. Weird and weird. According to this French guy 'compromise is a two way street, it means we respect each other, it means we listen to each other'. Apparently this is the French reaching out at the threshold of the next four years.

Ok, CNN covering tsunami conference to do other stuff. CNN is talking about how the WHO needs $67 million to cover 'psychological trauma' suffered by the victims of the tsunami. Crap! In a region where folks sometimes go to bed hungry, suffer from dengue, suffer from tooth decay (the poor cannot afford dental reconstruction), suffer from all other kinds of crap and they want so much money to handle 'psychological trauma'....PAH! This is depressing.