Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The lesson of the tea shoppe

An Indian blogger posts about the tea shop.

Here in Malaysia we have tea shops too. People hang out there and a cup of coffee costs about 10 times less than at starbucks. Some of them are air conditioned wonders too in which case the coffee may be twice as expensive, but even then it's cheap.

These are market driven wonders and if every advocate of affirmative action wanted to truly 'uplift' the fate of a people they would get them to open something like a tea shop.

Tea shops can be as humble (one counter with a stove) or opulent (fountains and plaster mouldings - check out Restaurant Kayu at ss2) as the owner can afford. It doesn't require government subsidies at all. Find a spot somewhere and set up. Work hard, keep the costs low, work even harder and with a little bit of luck you get rich.

Best part for me is that my tax dollars won't be used subsidizing anyone's learning curve.

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