Friday, January 21, 2005

Inaugration Day - When you stand for your liberty we will stand with you

Disgrace disgrace disgrace

Out here in KL, we only have CNN, MSNBC and the BBC to provide wall to wall news. That's assuming you don't want to watch terrorist news network. Al-Jazeera is lagged anyway since the local terrorists only speak Malay. Sure the recite the book really well in Arabic but here's a big open secret, most of 'em don't understand what they're mumbling. Must be a big downer when god eternal who created everything doesn't speak your language. Sort of like how a student caught for plagarism tells you he didn't know what was in the paper :)

Anyway in terms of speed of the transmission it was in the order of BBC, CNN, MSNBC. Imagine that the Beeb actually faster on the news than anyone. Plus its 4PM in London (tea time). Tsk tsk tsk.

I started off turning to CNN (its the logical progression on my remote so live with it). There was a pre-inaugration smear show which basically went on about how the president protected Israel and screwed the Palestinians. Also it went on about how the other nations were dumping the US dollars due to GWB being re-elected. Well, such is life.

Anyway it was dump dump dump all the way. When Dick Cheney appeared they went on about how he was not running for president unlike other vice-presidents. Imagine Dick Cheney growling in his deadpan about how the elections were stolen by hanging chad.....PHHBBBTTTTT!!!!

When the pres appeared it sucked when they went on about how Trentt Lott made a bad speech. Betya they didn't mention the BJ word during Clinton's inaugration.

Then they went on about Micheal Newdow but we will talk about this later. This was the only thing they found worthy to mention about Rehnquist? PHHHHBTTTT!!!!

By the way Rehnquist's voice rules. I think he has some kind of respirator because it hisses when he speaks. All they needed was to voice over him with James Earl Jones and he would be Darth you swear to defend the empire? har har!!!

Then they talked about how the pres took loads of cash from loads of companies for this inaugration. So what? It's their money and they can spend it. Apparently they started by mentioning that they spent $40 million. Apparently each company was only allowed to donate $250,000. CNN mentions how some companies circumvented these by donating and then having various officers donate. At least they mention that Time-Warner gave $250,000. Imagine that, $40 million at 250K per entity. 160 entities anteing up at the maximum amount? Difficult? Doubt it.

They then dropped the other shoe. Apparently the 40 million was equal to X number of humvees in Iraq. Ouch!

Notice how the CNN never mentioned anything unfriendly about anyone else in the crowd. Such as a John Kerry who looked like he was skulking in a corner. Actually Ex Singaporean PM Goh has the same problem. We speculate its due to height. Tall people get used to bending slightly to hear everyone else. It becomes so normal that it looks like they're skulking around.

Ok, let's talk about the two prayes. Notice that while the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation broadcast the prayers wholesale, CNN decided to voice over the thing with commentary :P Where Micheal Newdow failed TWICE in the supreme court, CNN - immunity idol to Micheal Newdow. As a result, prayer got voted off the air. Even MSNBC aired the prayers.

They did however, not voice over the singers. Guess what? Flipped back to the Beeb.

Cool!!!! Frum is on the Beeb. He's talking about how this is the first president to win so much of a margin (in relation to some bood on the beeb) and win so many seats in the house and congress.

Now the Beeb is setting up the next four years of attacks. They are saying that controlling both houses and the oval office leaves the republicans no excuse for mistakes. Look out for heavy blamestorms.

Frum's saying that this means more pressure on the sand exporters (once the oil runs out) to reform since the US will not allow them to wallow in their present state. Change may no be railroaded but it will come.

Some woman talking head went to Iraq with Jimmy Carter and Christy Todd Whitman is saying that America is going to 'fix' the elections. She's saying that he'll be judged on the consistency of his survivability.

Heh!!! They said the pres had a block of four lines in his speech where he mentions 'liberty' four times and he mentions slavery and so on. This is probably to get his address in stone somewhere just as Lincoln did :) Perhaps, perhaps. Else it's a good back handed compliment for whoever the speech writer was.

Frum's right the pres comes in with two houses behind him but the other two feel that the folks in the house are not going to line up since some are going to face the ballot in two years. They have their jobs on the line but the pres is on the way out (by the way CNN used the term 'lame duck').

Don't underestimate the potential of American force for good and for peace. If GIs had not went up agaisnt the emperors troops during the second world war, I would be speaking Japanese and bowing to the rising sun or still fighting in the jungles, as part of the family traidition.

Beeb coverage over. Now back to CNN.

Ouch!!! CNN is talking about the price tag again. Get over it guys.

CNN says the president mentions the word freedom and liberty 36 times in his speech.

They're also talking about casualties in Iraq. Oh, by the way did you know the pres doesn't care about the troops dying out there. CNN says his speech says he will spend the next four years looking inwards.

Back to the Beeb. Hmmm still more talking heads.

The guy is talking about how the pres has the lowest opinion polls of anyone to be re-elected. And he says in the same breath that the party won all houses, most governerships and so on and so on. Disjoint anyone?

Heh, someone saying grace before the meal. Imagine that. That's really compelling folks to believe in God. You don't pray, you don't eat....har ar ar ar!!!!

What? The Beeb says that the pres will fail because people in his own party are going to balk at his 'excess of vision'. Social security, the war in Iraq etc. So they predict this will lead the pres to go hat in hand to the capitals of Europe and 'tear down the rhetoric' of the first term :) Fat hope. This small 18 inch circle in a corner of the world appreciates a global police force paid for by American tax dollars.

Ok, the Beeb is covering tsunamis now. Apparently the UN will come up with a framework for a mechanism for regional tsunami warning in one year. The target is that within 18 months there will be the capacity to provide warning (sorry someone translate this for me). Apparently one of the problems is that this provides a 'rare opportunity' to consider other disasters and not just tsunamis. Such as floods and storms. Wonder if it should control the weather and become self-aware and call itself Skynet :)

Heh...CNN is covering an EU conference on the 'impact' of another four years of GWB. The Beeb is covering the US. Weird and weird. According to this French guy 'compromise is a two way street, it means we respect each other, it means we listen to each other'. Apparently this is the French reaching out at the threshold of the next four years.

Ok, CNN covering tsunami conference to do other stuff. CNN is talking about how the WHO needs $67 million to cover 'psychological trauma' suffered by the victims of the tsunami. Crap! In a region where folks sometimes go to bed hungry, suffer from dengue, suffer from tooth decay (the poor cannot afford dental reconstruction), suffer from all other kinds of crap and they want so much money to handle 'psychological trauma'....PAH! This is depressing.

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