Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Contestant Number 13

South Thailand beheading now has contestant number 13, our new challenger is Eakasak Visetsuwannaphum, 29. Apparently his 'sin' to the Islamo-Facist rat bastards who did this was that he was the SON OF A POLICEMAN. Remember if you go out and spit on the son of a suicide bomber (damm most of them don't have kids do they.......natural selection maybe) it's a 'hate crime'. Heck according to blown-hair-affirmative-action-poster-child Condi Rice, it's not even ok to target active terrorists, at least not if you're's perfectly ok for her boss.

So here we now have the sons of Mohamad targetting the sons of policemen, duly constituted authority in a land they live in.

By the way the article is wrong. This is not number 11, it's number 13. And here's the whole gory list. The stupid western press is giving the Muslims a discount again, behead 13 but only report as 11. BAH HUMBUG!!!!

12 Sampan Onyala - policeman

11 Surin Somchit - water company employee

9 & 10
Jad Suwanchatree, 52, and his wife Serm, 51 - farmers

8 Lek Pongpa, 34 - clothes vendor

6 and 7 Unknown Lao farm workers.

1 to 5 with number 5 being Kamol Chuneth and when I started counting.

By the way to make this list you need to be beheaded. Shootings, bombings, church burnings, strangulation etc do not count. The rules are simple. Head seperated from rest of body and you make this list....

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