Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Cost of blogger or wordpress: 0

Cost of domain name: USD 30 /year

Cost to brand image of threatening the little guy: Priceless

Which is why for everything else there's Mastercard.

Visa is trying to steamroll some poor Malaysian blogger who is trying to keep his domain name here. I strongly urge all Malaysian bloggers to post about this. In a connected world there is no reason to not do a 'name and shame' except that you clearly couldn't be bothered to get off your ass, put down those cheetos and type out 3 minutes worth of words.

Remember, if you are on the internet from your home (internet connection plus computer), you can speak at least one language and you are literate enough to read and write, you are a potential customer for Visa. Your views matter.

Also, for those of you who have a visa. Call up the bank NOW and switch it to a mastercard. Tell them politely but firmly that this is going down and you are upset. For those who have two cards, cancel the visa. You can always get a mastercard from another bank.

Yes, I know that both cards are owned by a massive common pigopoly but this is the only way to show them that it sucks and to hit them where it hurts. The time to act is NOW.

Saw this via Mack at Brand New Malaysian.

Until this is resolved one way or another I am offering a link on this post to any blog which is willing to publicize this. Heck, it may bring you one of the 5 readers I have on this blog to your blog. Besides, its good for you to help another blogger.

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