Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Cover up going strong

14 days (2 weeks) ago the Prime Minister stood before the Malaysian people and clearly stated 'there will be no cover ups' in the investigation of the prison case where a girl, whom we presume is a China national, is forced to do squats for no reason by a tudung clad poliecowman.

In the last 14 days I sum up what has been done to ensure there are no cover ups.

So far we have had a lot of excuses made and his deputy minister has taken a lot of heat by being a buffoon.

Till today we still know nothing more than the first day except that now we know the police are incapable of policing themselves. Tragically enough, apparently neither are those who are supposedly in control of the police force.

Let me repeat what a no cover up situation is:

1) Who was the blue tudung woman?

2) Who authorised this form of treatment of prisoners?

3) Who was in charge of the blue tudung woman all the way to the top?

4) Where does the buck stop?

5) How widespread is this practice

6) What's going to be done to ensure it doesn't happen again?

Until now there has been a defeaning silence. When the present prime minister came to office I was optimisitic that it wasn't a case of same shit different day. Apparently it is. It's the worse form of business as usual where the rights of the little man are trampled so that those at the top don't have to get their hands dirty with such things as accountability and hard work.

It's end of the year and one of the things we do is evaluations of the previous year. There is a Malay saying which states that the son is a lot like the father. In this case if those who are in charge of the police refuse to be accountable then how the hell can you expect the last cop down the line, the guy taking bribes from motorists, to show any accountability?


When you have nothing left to say in your defence then start doing random attacks since hopefully you'll create enough noise to confuse the issue.

BARISAN Nasional MPs questioned the rationale behind DAP making public a video clip showing a woman doing ear squats in the nude at a police station.

Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Noh Omar said the police had already been probing the case before the DAP showed the clip to parliamentarians.

So much for 'no cover ups'. Clearly this is a cover up of the worst kind.

Noh Omar, spend your time finding out the answers to the questions the public has rather than being a buffoon in parliament.

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