Monday, October 31, 2005

Australia: It's ok to beat your wife if you're a Muslim

Used to be the most politically inccorect joke I knew was 'What's the difference between your wife, your dog and good sex?' the answer being 'You can beat your wife, you can beat your dog but you can't beat good sex'.

Apparently the Australian police are being told that this is true (except for the dog beating part).

POLICE are being advised to treat Muslim domestic violence cases differently out of respect for Islamic traditions and habits.

Officers are also being urged to work with Muslim leaders, who will try to keep the families together.

The glossy guides would have cost at least $300,000 to produce, a printing industry expert said.

If they had given me the 30,000 I would have printed a one page easy to keep guide. It would read:

We have one set of laws for everyone. If they break the law, book 'em.

In order to be consistent in terms of quality it would be printed on glossy card that every cop could keep in his wallet. In fact, we would give each and every one of them a box to give out to other folks.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Indians not important

In the grand scheme of things, it appears that the government of the country takes the Indian community as a grand joke. A government MP used a very derogatory word in parliament and now it's 'no big deal'.

Ramli, who had been trying in vain to calm the MPs down earlier, finally got the parliamentarians to sit quietly.

“Every Yang Berhormat speaks a lot and sometimes, there is a slip of the tongue.

“But according to the rules, the matter is deemed resolved when an offending word is retracted,” he said.

May I suggest strongly that Kulasegaran call either Badruddin or Ramli (house speaker) an 'anak babi' (son of a pig) and promptly retract those remarks?

After all, they claim that once a remark is retracted everything is ok again. For shame.

Whether it is legally fine or not is one matter. Whether the Barisan Nasional, defenders of a representative coalition in a multi racial context will stand to have such representatives is another matter altogether. Whether the people of Jerai want such a racist to be their representative is another matter.

My personal views on the bufoon aside, I think the people in the BN and Jerai should not put up with such things. If this is the best represntative Jerai can find then maybe Jerai should volunterily decide not to have a rep in parliament.

The Friday before Eid

It's the Friday before Hari Raya (which is called Eid elsewhere). Muslim men celebrate one month of fasting during the holy month, Muslim women are not allowed to fast when they are having their period so I'm not entirely sure what they are celebrating. Maybe since the guys are celebrating they are good sports and tag along.

Anyway since most Malay people come from rural backgrounds in the last two generations most of them will be exiting the city and returning to their villages. It's a good sign to be able to return in affluence and show off new automobiles or new furniture. Rich or poor, some will spend to excess and then regret it later.

The wiser ones will spend in moderation.

Part of Ramadhan is to refrain from temptations. Splashing out hard earned cash to 'look good' during Raya may not be a wise move in the long run. I saw numerous individuals swiping their credit cards, for amounts going into the thousands!

Perhaps being Chinese I never quite understood the need to buy new furniture. During the Chinese New Year the basic minimum is a set of new clothes. Some food and drinks for friends who dropped by and a very clean home. You cleaned house with a vengence so as not to 'lose face' particularly in front of less welcome relatives.

Anyway this year the celebration is on Thursday and Friday next week. Yes, they say they have to wait for the sighting of the moon but the rest of us count it off on our fingers and so far we haven't been wrong. Tuesday is an Indian festival so that's a public holiday too. All in all three days in one week means offices may close for the entire week anyway.

The roads will probably be congested tonight with folks battling to get a jump on other travellers. Happens every year.

Well to all Muslim and Hindu friends who will be celebrating Eid and Deepavali next week, have a good trip home and get back here safely. Cheers.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Scientist and Engineer

In Malaysian schools they apparently ask children to tell them what their career aspirations are when they don't have a clue. Here's someones card.

Now, how the heck can you want to be both a scientist and an engineer. Scientists are people who look for perfect solutions and models and explanations and all that crud. Basically they have their heads in the clouds while their butts are sinking beneath the waves like the rest of us.

I'm an engineer. If chewing gum/duct tape/a rubber band will hold it together then that's what we go with. Remember, there's only two things you need in your tool box....WD 40 and duct tape. If it should move use the WD 40, if it should use the duct tape. Screws can be opened with finger nails, coins, car keys, credit card (it costs you money to get an instant replacement by the way). Bolts? Well only scientists use thigns like bolts, after all why bolt something when you may have to open it when it's broken?

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Eat Dirt

Ok. Eatting dirt is apparently no longer just for scumbags....sigh somuch for 'Eat Dirt, Scumbag'

On the positive side I learnt a new term today...'Geophagy'

Monday, October 3, 2005

International Old Day

Apparently October the 1st was International Old People's Day. You need to be 60 and above to qualify.

It was also International Alzheimer's Day during the same week. Must have been a busy week for some people if they could have remembered it.