Monday, September 19, 2005

Malaysian the the UN summit

The Malaysian PM made a speech at the UN summit.

We must also maintain a distinction between acts of terrorism and the right of peoples fighting for self-determination. It is equally unjustifiable to associate terrorism with any particular race or religion. Terrorists must be singled out only by their acts of terror and nothing else.

In other words, we cannot equate Islam with terror. I have always maintained that not all Muslims are terrorists. In fact not even most Muslims are terrorists. Yet the question still remains why is it that most terrorists are Muslims? Badawi, Islamic scholar that he is, does not provide us an answer and I am still in the dark.

In World War Two, Japan invaded our nation. Guess what? We shot anyone who was Japanese. Were most of the Japanese aggresors? Nope. Did most of the aggresors happen to be Japanese? Unfortunately yes. So what did we do? We shot and disabled as many Japanese as we damm well could get away with. Islam today faces that same problem but we only have folks saying 'we must not associate terrorism...'

Still no solutions.


Note that this is not to advocate shooting, maiming or disabling anyone yet we see that a solution lies somewhere in the group where the problem is. Similarly as we do not look for a cure to breast cancer by examining men we have to look for a cure to terrorism by looking at its biggest constituency.

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