Thursday, September 8, 2005

How did Arafat die

In a more closely guarded secret than who did Kennedy (John F that is) we are still unclear on how Yasser died. Note that I would say Arafat but given the number of Arafat's dropping like flies these days, it would be confusing. However here's an article that has something to add.

Dr. Ashraf al-Kurdi, Arafat's personal physician who played no part in the late PA chairman's medical care during the final weeks of his life, said that he knows that the French doctors found the AIDS virus in Arafat's blood. Al-Kurdi refuses to divulge the source of this information, but claims that the virus was put into Arafat's blood in an effort to blur the traces of poisoning, which was the cause of death.

So the doctor who was Arafat's personal doctor said

1) He had AIDS in his blood

2) It was a Jewish plot

The second statement is the normal pap they spout anyway so we can probably ignore it. The Israelis generally take out rats with helicopter gunships and rockets. Poison is more a womans tool.

So all we really do know from this doctor is that, somehow, Yasser had got a serious case of AIDS. So as with the entire Middle East process, for all those keeping score at home, we now need to ask 'who screwed who?'

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