Friday, October 28, 2005

Indians not important

In the grand scheme of things, it appears that the government of the country takes the Indian community as a grand joke. A government MP used a very derogatory word in parliament and now it's 'no big deal'.

Ramli, who had been trying in vain to calm the MPs down earlier, finally got the parliamentarians to sit quietly.

“Every Yang Berhormat speaks a lot and sometimes, there is a slip of the tongue.

“But according to the rules, the matter is deemed resolved when an offending word is retracted,” he said.

May I suggest strongly that Kulasegaran call either Badruddin or Ramli (house speaker) an 'anak babi' (son of a pig) and promptly retract those remarks?

After all, they claim that once a remark is retracted everything is ok again. For shame.

Whether it is legally fine or not is one matter. Whether the Barisan Nasional, defenders of a representative coalition in a multi racial context will stand to have such representatives is another matter altogether. Whether the people of Jerai want such a racist to be their representative is another matter.

My personal views on the bufoon aside, I think the people in the BN and Jerai should not put up with such things. If this is the best represntative Jerai can find then maybe Jerai should volunterily decide not to have a rep in parliament.

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