Monday, August 21, 2006

Daily Mail tarring all Asians with the same brush

I resent being equated with a fucking Muslim terrorist. This is what the Daily Mail has done today...

The Daily Mail wrote an article about passengers fearing for their lives and having two Arabs speaking gents escorted off the plane. Some passengers just decided that either way any airline who would fly Arabs would not have their business and walked off.

The extraordinary scenes happened after some of the 150 passengers on a Malaga-Manchester flight overheard two men of Asian appearance apparently talking Arabic. Passengers told cabin crew they feared for their safety and demanded police action. Some stormed off the Monarch Airlines Airbus A320 minutes before it was due to leave the Costa del Sol at 3am. Others waiting for Flight ZB 613 in the departure lounge refused to board it. Half an hour later, police returned and escorted the two Asian passengers off the jet.

Go Google the article if you must find it, this blog will not link to craven cowards. Ok, lets examine the term Asian they used. Did they mean Jewish looking individuals? Perhaps. Did they mean Chinese looking individuals? Or perhaps the passengers were Mongolian looking, or Japanese looking or even Sikh with large turbans? Or did they mean Arab?

See, even the newspaper is afraid to name Arabs for what they are. If there was no fear of Arabs then they could have just came out and said it. So if the newspaper is so afraid of Arabic people then why the heck are they pretending to be surprised that the folks in Malaga were afraid?

To the passengers of flight 613, you were afraid and the press may villify you. At least, unlike the passengers of Flight 93, you live to fly another day. This blogger salutes you.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Golani Brigade

In 1976, the Golani Brigade sent its best to Entebbe were they would launch a daring raid on terrorist hijackers to recover hostages. In the end 3 hostages were dead, 45 terrorists and sympthisers and only 1 Israeli soldier. Total ratio in limited hostage recovery exercise? 1:45. Operation Thunderbolt would give many would-be terrorists and their sponsors pause. Chaim Herzog had this to say to the UN...

'We come with a simple message to the Council: we are proud of what we have done because we have demonstrated to the world that a small country, in Israel's circumstances, with which the members of this Council are by now all too familiar, the dignity of man, human life and human freedom constitute the highest values. We are proud not only because we have saved the lives of over a hundred innocent people — men, women and children — but because of the significance of our act for the cause of human freedom.'

The people who stood to condemn Israel on that day were Uganda under Idi Amin. That the UN considers any accusation of Idi Amin worth replying to shows us what a crock of shit this talk shop is. The amount of moral confusion it takes to reach such a position is astounding.

Now the Golani Brigade stands on the border to roll into Lebanon. My hope is that they do not hold back. The rabid Muslims in Lebanon support dogs like Hezbollah as a valid political party. Yes they wear the faces of humans, have the same general anatomy and perhaps ellicit the same sympathy as your neighbours would. Yet my personal appeal to the soldiers of the Golani Brigade is not to waver and not to give quarter. You act is not just to keep your own families safe but also in the interest of the safety of the rest of humanity against these rabid Muslims.

The words of their commander, Uri Lavie before crossing the border is so telling (thanks Blackfive)

This is our time to rise to the challenge, put on the helmets and the bullet proof vests and make sure that the northern border is secure.

We shall fulfill any mission in a most effective manner, in face of any challenge.

If we shall not fulfill our mission we shall forfeit the right to exist.

We shall not lose this war, which we did not start.

Our duty is to serve as a defense force of the Jewish People, and to secure the peace of mind of the civilians in northern Israel.

If we shall not do it, no one will do it in our place.

For two thousand years we waited for the establishment of the Jewish State, and we are not going to roll back because a bunch of terrorists assume that they can scare us.

He who cannot defend Liberty does not deserve Liberty.

If we will not be able to fight until our last drop of blood, in order to secure the Liberty of our People on its own soil, our People will not enjoy Liberty.

There is time to talk and there is time to act. At this time, when missiles and Katyushas afflict the North all the way to Haifa, in addition to the two kidnapped soldiers, the ten soldiers killed and the dozens injured, it is time to fight and not to talk. We are the force, which has been chosen to fight, and we shall perform in the most effective manner.

I will be the first one to enter the battle and the last one to come out, and will do everything in my power to get you out alive and well. On Friday, with God's help, we will rejoin with our families. However, I cannot do it alone. Once we cross the northern border, you should exercise full alert and full responsibility toward your fellow soldier.

'I will be the first one to enter the battle and the last one to come out.' In the operation on Entebbe, the only Israeli casualty was the battle leader, Colonel Yoni Netanyahu. He took a burst of AK fire to the chest and died of blood loss. His soldiers were commanded to recover the hostages first and take care of casualties second.

The brother of Yoni? Binyamin Netanyahu. The same man who resigned from the Israeli cabinet after they voted to unilaterally give up land to terrorists from which they could attack civilians.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Your tax dollars at work

The government says that for Malaysia to be prosperous we need a well educated workforce. For this to happen we need universities. So your tax dollars go to pay for universities. End up universities got not enough Malay students. Why? Who the hell knows. They attend the same schools as non-Malay children, study under the same teachers and use the same books. Maybe is that they are born fucking-stupid but I don't think so, this is just an excuse.

So since they fail under the same system, using same teachers and same books, in same school, the government have to introduce quota. Quota make sure got Malay student in university. If no Malay student in uni then what will happen to the fucking Islamic study department. Who will sponsor the preachers of jihad. Without these preachers of jihad filling young impressionable minds with rubbish we have no future prime minister. To be prime minister no need to graduate in law or economics even though you decide what is law and how to spend countries money. Be Islamic Studies graduate is far better. No wonder Muslim countries usually quite poor and the laws are quite stupid also.

Quotas, as in turns out, also not a good solution. After all the fella who goes in on a quota suddenly feel like he is stupid. Good, he should. When you don't want to study and want to make trouble only then is only right that you feel like you little bit stupid. Put shark in goldfish pond sure the goldfish get eaten. Turn up the quota students do the worse in university.

Suddenly seems like bad idea. Malay people make the rules of the game and they still can lose. Government need to rethink strategy. Never mind, set up new university called Islamic university and invite students from country where people study even less. How about Africa. Good idea. They very busy to kill each other and start war and have AIDs. No nobel prize from that part of the world. Our goldfish should be safe from these students. Oh shit, end up our Malay student still do worse than the African.

Need to think again. This time the decision is not to make the student work harder. That solution would be too logical. The solution is to boost his self image by introducing a second parallel education stream known as matriculation. To name the stream 'Stupid student can get A to enter uni stream' was felt to be unwise.

Now we got movie for you all to see why Malay student go to university. Other people go there to study but they go there to make riot. Go here to see your tax dollars at work.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Tak Tahu Kira Kah?

Sdr. Lim Kit Siang hopes to be PM someday. Maybe in his dreams it can happen. Since he hopes to be PM, he clearly can't be the Cassandra who tells Malaysians how bad shit is in Malaysia. You see, to be PM people must believe things are ok otherwise they go vote for the guy who tells them 'go back to sleep, it's all going to be ok'.

Here is Sdr. Lim's estimate on what things cost in Malaysia. Please don't leave me comments on how someone else wrote it. If you don't believe it then don't publish it or forward it. That someone else wrote it is not an excuse.

I'm going to list down what the prices are listed there and then list down what the prices are in KL. If you want to live in someplace like Sungai Siput then you got no job anyway so the prices there could be RM 1 and it would still be RM 1 more than you had.

Electricity bill - RM 100. Bullshit. Electricity bill for a family of four would be closer than RM 250 assuming they cut down on air cond use and use water heater only for morning bath. Kids need to go to school before the sun comes up. Solar doesn't help you and fogrget wind power. You can put up a windmill and the next thing the blahdy government does is they let a developer build a condo in front of your windmill...ooops, your f***ing wind power just got screwed. We assume water bill is negligible. Therefore this one is RM 250.

Astro bill - We are trying to save money so assume cannot buy DVD, VCD, or go for movie. Assume Ass-tro bill is around RM 100. It would be cheaper if the bloody government would allow competition but we need to pay an arm and a leg through our noses so that some Indian can make a profit. Watch government Tele? Are you kidding. One channel is a full stream of 20 forms of Quran reading a day and the other one is filled with brown fools jabbering in some language only they understand. The rest of us don't need to speak it so most of us forget it once we get out of school.

Handphone bill - Steal a handphone since you cannot afford to buy one. Then sign up for a plan. Use sparingly and try to get by on a bill of RM 50 a month. Oh shit, wife also need phone. So double that.

Total Utilities - RM 450

Meals for the family. Lets assume breakfast is negligible. Eat bread or somethin lah. No ham/bacon/franks/etc . Malaysia no John Morell which is one of my pleasures in life so we assume breakfast is near free. No dim sum, no nasi lemak, no nothing. Bread and a little bit of Malaysian home grown palm oil. Imported butter, out. Cheese, out. Preserves, out. Assume meals at RM 50 per day for all 4 people. This also assumes that no one eats out or that any eatting out (example working lunch) comes out of that daily budget. One good meal I have at Tony Romas is already more than RM80. Ok for 30 days the total is 1500

Total meals - RM 1500

Car Payments - Sdr Lim would like us to believe RM 400 buys a Proton. WRONG. A Proton lasts for around 5 years at best. Actually from what I hear it lasts 3 years. Beyond 3 years you need to start replacing the parts so that the Total Cost of Ownership at the end is higher the longer you keep the Proton. Let's assume that you pay RM 800 a month for your Proton Saga.

In addition to car payments you need to pay for servicing. Assume you service once every 3 months and it costs approx. RM 150. This equals out to RM 50 a month. You also need to pay road tax and insurance. Assume its 600 a year for both. (Update:I hear from readers it's much more). End up another RM 50 into car payment.

A Proton runs about RM 70 per tank. This works out at one tank a week to RM 300 a month. If you need to refuel more than once a week then you are screwed big time. By the way, wake up at 6 AM and send your kids to school and only come home at 8 because you have to pick your wife up. You can only afford ONE car and you cannot afford school bus.

Total Car costs: RM 1200

Housing - Assuming you buy a house at RM 150K (you get a flat for that price I guess). Assume a rate of 7.5%. Your repayment should be around RM 1200 a month assuming a 30 year loan. The bank will want you to buy insurance on the mortgage. Tell them you cannot afford it. If you die then your wife and kids sleep on the street. You have no money for insurance. Pray that your house doesn't need repairs over the 30 years. Let's say you put aside RM 30 a month for fixtures. You still need to pay your quit rent and land assesment. Assume RM 70 a month. Yes you pay annually but we assume you put aside some money every month.

Total Housing RM 1300.

So let's see where we are so far.

Total Utilities - RM 450

Total meals - RM 1500

Total Car costs: RM 1200

Total Housing RM 1300.

So far our costs are already RM 4450.

Still not counted is children's education. Maybe is better you don't send your kids to school. Then they grow up ignorant and stupid. Hopefully life is better when they are stupid enough to believe the lies that people like Najib tells them. Clothes? Groceries, like toiletries, toilet paper (Malay don't use this so we didn't add it to our cost of living survey), cooking utensils and so on.

At 10% EPF and the local tax rates you end up have to make around RM 5500. Sigh, at the rate both you and your wife got to work. Now ask yourself why Najib's wife don't need to work.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Hit em where it hurts and when it hurts

When the most Islamic of places in South East Asia was hit by a tsunami we did not sit around whinging about the judgemental wrath of God like the Muslim clerics. We helped. We were there. However once the help was taken, once the rice was eaten, once the money was spent it appears that the Achenese have gone back to their bad old ways.

Religious fundamentalists will not change and it appears that the people of Indonesia have neither the backbone nor the balls to make a change occur. Now there's been an earthquake. Guess what Indonesia is doing? Yes. Poor little nation is again holding out its hand for money. I say to every reader that its their right to spend their money as they wish. For me? I have better places to spend my money rather than on people who support trashing their neigbhours. Maybe their fundamentalist brothers will extend some aide, assuming they haven't already spent all their funds on plastic explosives for churches.

Friday, May 19, 2006


First, I followed a trail of links and wound up at Patrick Teoh's blog. Back in my day this man

was a radio blow hard but he was a blow hard who bloviated on behalf of the common man. After he was booted off the air (this was back in the day when there was no public radio) I stopped listening to the radio in the mornings. I guess it contributed to the tape, CD and, now MP3 industry.

Present day shock jocks are a lot of bluster without substance. This was a man who was rude and crude on the air but had a point to make at the end. Glad to see he's blogging and still full of piss and vinegar. Somethings never change, for which I am glad.

However, his post is on some other things which never change and in this case, that's a shame.

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Monday, January 23, 2006

This guy wants nukes?

Ahmnadinejad the Iranian, who wants nukes was reported to have said this.

'On the last day when I was speaking, one of our group told me that when I started to say 'Bismillah Muhammad', he saw a green light come from around me, and I was placed inside this aura,' he says. 'I felt it myself. I felt that the atmosphere suddenly changed, and for those 27 or 28 minutes, all the leaders of the world did not blink. When I say they didn't move an eyelid, I'm not exaggerating. They were looking as if a hand was holding them there, and had just opened their eyes - Alhamdulillah!'

If the leaders of the free world have any sense, the only green glow this guy will see around himself is the one imparted by radioactive fallout. How can anyone think a guy like this should get nukes?

Monday, January 16, 2006

Why do our Muslim neighbours hate our children?

Muslims stole someones dead body and deprived his wife of any recourse to reclaim his remains. Remains of a man she stood by until he drew his last breath. She's a heroine however you see it and the Muslims in Malaysia have shown themselves to be vultures for there is no other name for a creature that swoops in after death and claims a corpse.

In response the interfaith organisation MCCBCHS organized a candle light vigil outside the court where this denial of justice occured. We would call it a traversty of justice but there was no justice to speak of, just a Muslim judge partnering with his Muslim brother who was the agent of a Muslim court denying recourse to a non-Muslim woman in a secular court financed by all Malaysians regardless of race or creed.

It appears that the MCCBCHS has lost faith in its ability to change things. This is worrying in extreme for the simple reason that if we no longer have recourse through the courts then we must seek to find recourse in spite of the courts. The step of asking people to be silent has begun.

In the time of the apostle Peter the courts of his day forbade them from speaking of Christ. They did this for only one reason which is listed in Acts 5 'You seek to bring the blood of this man on us'. Yes and today we seek to lay the blood of this stolen corpse upon the courts of the land too. Not much has changed.

The reason for doing this msut always remain foremost in our minds. It is better to obey God than men. That God seeks justice is clear.

This was an opportune moment for our Muslim neighbours to show us good faith and indicate that they stand with us in demanding that justice is done and all get a fair hearing. Yet this is sadly not the case. Show me eight Muslim blogs who are standing with us.

Why eight? To stand in opposition to these eight

eight Muslim organisations on Thursday which urged the Government not to amend or repeal Article 121(1A) of the Federal Constitution which deals with the powers of the civil and Syariah courts.

The organisations, such as the Malaysian Muslim Scholars Association and the Malaysian Muslim Youth Movement, were opposed to amending that article as it would allow the civil courts to hear cases involving Syariah. An alternative, they said, was to amend the Constitution to allow non-Muslims access to the Syariah Court.

Yes these eight Muslim organisations want the Syariah enlarged in response to their grave-robbing. That they have betrayed and attacked the rights of their neighbours is already in enough bad taste. That they have acted in bad faith is already a reflection of what they truly are when they pretend to be your friends.

Now they hope to be rewarded for this obscene act with more power for their courts. Where's the outrage in the Muslim world? The silence is defeaning. We can no longer afford to wait until our Muslim neighbours join us on the barricades to respond to the hoards of barbarians who would over run our shared civilization. Wait a minute, they ARE the unruly barbarians baying at the gates for blood and it is now our blood they cry for.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Candlelight Vigil for the nation

A candle light vigil outside the Kuala Lumpur court was started to push for more reponsiblity from the system in regards to respect for all faiths. Bloggers were there. Other bloggers have sicne posted about it such as carboncopy and xpyre. Quackyogi was also out there.

At it's peak 600 people were there. Yesterday night (I wasn't there), I hear things tapered off . Apparently there was some concern that being a Saturday night an unmanageable crowd would descend on the place and the shit would hit the fan post-haste yet this did not materialise or at least it didn't appear in this mornings hamster cage liner (also called the newspaper). Ends up there were hoards of special branch (secret police) people there but not many vigil observers. Apparently the press was also there.

So far the press has not ignored this event


The protest has, thus far, been peaceful -- candlelight vigil at Sharif's office, a signature campaign, and a memorandum to Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi.

Today it was forwarded to everyone's email boxes (followed by calls) that the vigil is put off indefinitely as the government has contacted the council involved to say that matters will be set to rights for everyone in the land. As such, in good faith, I will ask all readers to refrain from attending the vigil to give the government room to act. Let's not pre-judge anyone and jump to conclusions.

A wrong was done by a Muslim judge bending over for a Muslim agent from the Muslim court in what was supposedly a secular courtroom. One disastruous decision but it is not the end of civilization as we know it.

It is now time for the government to come out and tell us how they're going to ensure it doesn't happen again. Should we find out later that this was in bad faith then there's still time to take to the street corner again. We already know that street corner can hold 600 candle toting watchers. It would do the government well to consider if they want to let us all find out whether the street corner can hold 6,000.

Update: Bobjots has more on the situation here. It's seems very disheartening at this point but there's two issues I will try to get clarified tomorrow:

1) Has the government indicated that they are making efforts to change.

2) Did any component member of the MCCBCHS knowingly obfuscate the reason for calling off the vigil?

Please look for tomorrow's posting on the situation and be patient. I commit to dig this out by noon tomorrow so that any fellow members keen on the vigil can check back for the information. Failing any confirmation, it is back to the barricades at 8 PM tomorrow. Every night we have to head out means that everyone pays a higher price for this at the end. That's just plain silly.

Monday, January 9, 2006

Feast of sacrifice

Tomorrow is Eid Al Adha in Malaysia. More than 2 million Muslims will perform the Hajj in Mecca in recognition of this feast. The term Adha means sacrifice but the only thing that is sacrificed regularly is our humanity.

Normally I would not be classified as an animal rights advocate. After all, I eat flesh regularly and see nothing wrong with this act. Yet in eatting the flesh we do not dishonour it by torturing the animal which is to die for the manner by which the beast meets it's death is not a reflection on the nature of the beast but on the depth of our humanity. Generally the slaughter of meat should be as painless and as clean as possible for the animal as God has given us dominion over beasts but with any power must come responsibility to be caretakers and stewards.

However, during the feast of Adha I take greviance with the slaughter of animals. During the feast of Adha (at least in Malaysia) a cow is usually tethered in a position where it cannot move pending its terrible slaughter. Imagine being tied up in a position where you cannot move while those who would kill you dig a pit near your head (to capture blood) and then haggle over the price they are to pay. Each Muslim whoc an afford it can sacrifice one sheep or a minimum of a seventh of a cow.

The butcher then approaches the tethered cow and slits it's neck with one blow while invoking the name of god. Somehow this invocation of the name of god during such a gory slaughter echoes 'kali ma shacti dei' in my mind but it could just be my personal sensitivities. The cow then lies there draining of blood for anything from ten to twenty minutes, often times still alive and quite literally kicking.

Kosher killing at least demands that the animal die from the initial blow. Any doubt renders such killing as non kosher. The Malaysian Muslim standard for Halal (the Islamic form of kosher) acknowledges that the animal may be alive for anything up to two mintues after slaughter in a slaughterhouse.

'Jakim's MS1500 halal standard requires a slaughtered cow to be left for two minutes before the thoracic sticking takes place,' Mustafa told the daily.

Obviously alive for up to two minutes in a slaughterhouse could mean alive for up to a much longer time when performed in the middle of a field near a mosque when the butcher has to go through many animals on the same day.

No other faith in the world today butcher's animals any more. In the past the Jews did it but during those times their neighbours sacrificed their children to gods like Moloch and Baal. Tribal Incans also had a field day sacrificing humans. These days, it may be nice to think we are more englishtened and have moved beyond this type of thing.

Besides, the Quran (22:37) states that it is not the meat or blood of the sacrifice that reaches Allah, it is one's piety. In the same verse it goes on to state that god has given humans dominion over animals for his own glory.

So tomorrow millions of animals will die gratuitiously around the world, sacrificed in the name of a god who says that the slaughter isn't what counts. It's as if millions of voices moo'ed out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

Thursday, January 5, 2006

KFC fails to be like MC Donalds again

KFC has locally launched a fish sandwich product. They say it's to give their customers more choice. I say it's a Mc Donald's wanna-be ploy. Some ditto head in KFC corporate probably looked at the situation and came up with the idea that copying the menu would copy the success. I personally hate eating at either outlet but when the younger cousins and children of friends are involved.....

Here's why Mc D's beats KFC any day of the week (at least in Malaysia).

1) Mc Donald's has a clean feeling to it. Someone in the outlet is always mopping up and cleaning up. I don't know whether this is intentional but there's always someone cleaning up. Furthermore seats are always sterile plastic type setups and theres no wondering who oozed over the upholstery before you sat down.

2) French fries. A Mc D's strip of potato fried in the melted fat of a thousand guinea pigs is infinitely better than any other fast food french fry out there. Sure they tell you it's 100% vegetable oil but who the heck believes that.

3) Toys. The only reason adults go to a fast food outlet is because they have children with them. The toys given out at KFC are plain dumb. The toys given out at Burger King are worse and feature some kind of BK kids or something. Yawn. Who cares. Mc D's merchandises the current hot kid movie in the market and delivers the goods on toys. Kids will eat the fries, play with the toys and toss the nuggets/burger all over. Worse, they may try to stuff it into your mouth when its all drooly...ewwww.

4) Lighting. Now listen closely. Is it just me or does every Mc D's have lighting that's just a little bit brighter. I once saw a person studying at a Mc D's and we had a bit of a chat. Asked why and the person said that lighting was good there. This was the Mc Donalds in Jalan Silang opposite the old Metro Jaya. A multi storey building on the corner. Additionally the first floor is quiet and it helps if the student happens to live around Petaling Street.

5) Workers. You get the same surly drop-out workers in Mc D's but at least they are local drop outs. At one point the guy looking back at you from across the counter in KFC was more likely than not a Bangla. I have nothing against Banglas but couldn't they at least get someone who understands English since I don't speak Bangla? Asking for the meal number 3 to go should not be an exercise in linguistics.

Secretly I've been brainwashed by Mc Donalds. There's one downstairs from the gym where I go and after a good workout it's always a secret sin to go buy a small ice cream cone. Where else can you get such oozy goodness for just one measly ringgit.

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

First Thai beheading for 2006

Number 16 beheading since Muslims decide that they want to commit violence in South Thailand. No word yet on what the heck they want. Maybe they just want to behead folks. Who knows?

Either Al-Reuters has forgotten how to count or the dhimmis there are trying to whitewash the numbers:

The attack marks the latest in a string of violent incidents in the far south, which has seen nearly two years of unrest in which more than 1,000 people have been killed. At least 10 of those deaths have come from beheadings.

Yeap. that's like knowing eight people died in a fire and saying 'at least five people were burnt to death'. Nice try Reuters. For those playing from home you can follow this link and count back from fifteen.

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