Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Ex PM Repents

The Ex Prime Minister of Malaysia has returned 7 vehicles to Proton. Proton is the national auto maker and under the tenure of the ex PM was given protected status which meant exorbitant tariffs on imported vehicles. It was also given a lot of startup money from public funds and favourable treatment. Let's see now. Imagine if Toyota was given all this favourable treatment and then gave away cars to Japanese law makers. Included in the cars returned was a VW Phaeton (a luxury car which is actually quite a good looker) and a Taureg. The value of the Phaeton alone is around USD 67K in the US. And this is just one of the 7 cars given to him. In a nation where the per capita GDP for 2004 was around USD 10,000.

By the way this was not a gift to the people of Malaysia or to the office of the PM. It was a gift to the person who happened to be Prime Minister at the time and apprently it was for a 'test drive'. Imagine if Boeing gave a free corporate jet to GW Bush, even if it was for a 'test'. Imagine if Ferrari gave a free car to Berlusconi for a 'test drive'. Do our local newspapers have no idea what corruption is or must we look the other way every time something like this happens?

So has he repented? Only time will tell.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Boy auctioning first kiss

Powerline talks about a boy auctioning off his first kiss. Amazing that an 18 year old has never been kissed. Of many minds about this and what it means, especially whether its a good thing or not.

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

The Catholic Church stands againt Terrorism

Unless you are a dirty Jew who is part of the international zionist conspiracy. Alan Dershowitz ladies and gentleman.

Let us now try to understand the Vatican’s bizarre policy on terrorism. Recently Pope Benedict XVI condemned terrorist attacks against civilians in Great Britain, Egypt, Iraq, and Turkey. In a pregnant omission – very pregnant in light of the Vatican’s long history of silence in the face of attacks against Jews – the Pope omitted any mention of the country that has suffered the largest number of terrorist attacks against civilians since 9/11, namely, Israel. When the Israeli government understandably protested the omission, the Vatican’s position became even more troubling. It singled out Israel for criticism, saying that that beleaguered nation’s responses to attacks against its civilians was “not always compatible with the rules of international law.” It then went on to say that the Vatican could not protest every Palestinian attack against Jewish civilians if Israel did not always follow international law.

The Roman Catholic understandably wants us to not tar the entire church when a small group of clergy molests children. So if every member of the clergy does not follow norms on the standards of dealling with children then clearly by their own standards we must judge everyone by these same acts?

When Christ was crucified the Roman Pilate washed his hands of the situation. It appears that these Romans are once again washing their hands as Jews die. Shame......

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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Sky Kingdom to sue

The Sky Kingdom (covered here, here, here, and here) is going to sue the Besut land office for destroying the compound of the Sky Kingdom (saw it on Politics 101).

In addition the police have to investigate why policemen were there making up their own orders rather than taking orders from the courts. The court said do not destory and they went ahead and protected those who contravened the rule of law.

Remeber Ayah Pin has renounced his Muslim faith. As such how can the religious courts charge him? If the religious courts can charge anyone THEY claim to be Muslim then I am in trouble because tomorrow they could proclaim me a Muslim and charge me for eatting pork and drinking beer. I for one will declare now that should I ever be declared a Muslim and asked to appear before the syariah court, I will go wearing a pig skin jacket and tote along a bottle of either Black Label or Absolut Vodka. I trust that fellow bloggers will turn up carrying orange and coca-cola to any such trial. A good time should be had by all except the self proclaimed 'gods' who run this dog and pony show.

They claim to worship an omnipotent god. Can't be too omnipotent if he ran out of lightning and needed a few backwater keystone kops to demolish a stone teapot. Ayah Pin, ladies and gentlemen. A man hoping to be left alone to belief what he believed. Never attacked a Muslim, never vandalized a mosque, never flushed a koran, never did nothing to no one. Just set up a compound and helped folks. Yet that wasn't good enough for his neighbours.

Somehow their Islam was threatened by his life and they attacked. So the next time suicide bombers claim to be motivated by Iraq war/the crusades/Israel or anything else....well it don't take much to get them worked up. Sometimes just wanting to be left alone to belief what you belief and building a stone teapot will set them off...

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