Friday, October 28, 2005

The Friday before Eid

It's the Friday before Hari Raya (which is called Eid elsewhere). Muslim men celebrate one month of fasting during the holy month, Muslim women are not allowed to fast when they are having their period so I'm not entirely sure what they are celebrating. Maybe since the guys are celebrating they are good sports and tag along.

Anyway since most Malay people come from rural backgrounds in the last two generations most of them will be exiting the city and returning to their villages. It's a good sign to be able to return in affluence and show off new automobiles or new furniture. Rich or poor, some will spend to excess and then regret it later.

The wiser ones will spend in moderation.

Part of Ramadhan is to refrain from temptations. Splashing out hard earned cash to 'look good' during Raya may not be a wise move in the long run. I saw numerous individuals swiping their credit cards, for amounts going into the thousands!

Perhaps being Chinese I never quite understood the need to buy new furniture. During the Chinese New Year the basic minimum is a set of new clothes. Some food and drinks for friends who dropped by and a very clean home. You cleaned house with a vengence so as not to 'lose face' particularly in front of less welcome relatives.

Anyway this year the celebration is on Thursday and Friday next week. Yes, they say they have to wait for the sighting of the moon but the rest of us count it off on our fingers and so far we haven't been wrong. Tuesday is an Indian festival so that's a public holiday too. All in all three days in one week means offices may close for the entire week anyway.

The roads will probably be congested tonight with folks battling to get a jump on other travellers. Happens every year.

Well to all Muslim and Hindu friends who will be celebrating Eid and Deepavali next week, have a good trip home and get back here safely. Cheers.

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