Thursday, September 8, 2005

Indonesia Sucks Part 3

Indonesia has done it again. Three women are going to jail for three years just because they actually cared enough to organise a fun weekend for children.

Games, food and prizes just like kids everywhere in the world get when they are kids. That's a jailable offence. Oh, but wait one minute, guess what? In countries where kids get these things you will realise that Jihadism tends to not get much play since the kids are actually busy playing and developing.

It's only in horrible parts of the world where children grow up with old sticks to beat each other with that Jihad tends to take hold. After all, what fun is an old stick. You can only re-enact 'Uncle Achmed beheads the kafeer son of a pig and ape' so many times before it gets old and you wish you had Grand Theft Auto or Halo to play.

It's in horrible parts of the world where the family goat looks like the mullah who in turn looks like Uncle Achmed from Esfahan that Jihad takes hold. No one is sure what Mum looks like since she hides under that burqa all day.

I betya there's a correlation between happy meals and the likelihood with which people will advocate blowing themselves up. In addition to the big mac index we should have a happy meal index. We correlate the number of happy meals sold in a country against the percentage of seats held by Muslim parties. We can then sub-divide the country.

Besides the happy meal index we could also try the Hot Wheels or Matchbox or Nintendo or Playstation (you get the trend) index.

It's a shame that people who are too busy preaching hate to take care of their own children and provide them entertainment get all pissed off when someone else gives a shit enough to do it for them.

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