Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Florists Galore

A girl's birthday is coming up and since she's not my girlfriend and a close friend she gets flowers. To bring someone out for a private dinner may be misconstrued by idle eyes, minds and tongues.

My favourite florist in KL is the Wishing Tree. When I was in Hawaii we received a garland at the hotel (lovely practice may I add) which is a lot like the practice of them leaving some flowers in your room in Thailand. The garlands are left in packets of large leaves before being taken out and presented.

That was forgotten for a long time. Then one day I had to send some flowers locally. Imagine how pleasant it was to see flowers come all wrapped up in a cone shaped leave rather than paper, gauzy cloth or plastic (plastics the worst). After that this is the only place I get my flowers from.

I remember one particular persons comments about the flowers received. 'Even if I remove the flowers, the decorations are nice enough to be a bouquet'.

By the way I work in software so my taste in flowers may not be up to the par of more discerning punters....[add all other standard disclaimers here]

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