Thursday, January 5, 2006

KFC fails to be like MC Donalds again

KFC has locally launched a fish sandwich product. They say it's to give their customers more choice. I say it's a Mc Donald's wanna-be ploy. Some ditto head in KFC corporate probably looked at the situation and came up with the idea that copying the menu would copy the success. I personally hate eating at either outlet but when the younger cousins and children of friends are involved.....

Here's why Mc D's beats KFC any day of the week (at least in Malaysia).

1) Mc Donald's has a clean feeling to it. Someone in the outlet is always mopping up and cleaning up. I don't know whether this is intentional but there's always someone cleaning up. Furthermore seats are always sterile plastic type setups and theres no wondering who oozed over the upholstery before you sat down.

2) French fries. A Mc D's strip of potato fried in the melted fat of a thousand guinea pigs is infinitely better than any other fast food french fry out there. Sure they tell you it's 100% vegetable oil but who the heck believes that.

3) Toys. The only reason adults go to a fast food outlet is because they have children with them. The toys given out at KFC are plain dumb. The toys given out at Burger King are worse and feature some kind of BK kids or something. Yawn. Who cares. Mc D's merchandises the current hot kid movie in the market and delivers the goods on toys. Kids will eat the fries, play with the toys and toss the nuggets/burger all over. Worse, they may try to stuff it into your mouth when its all drooly...ewwww.

4) Lighting. Now listen closely. Is it just me or does every Mc D's have lighting that's just a little bit brighter. I once saw a person studying at a Mc D's and we had a bit of a chat. Asked why and the person said that lighting was good there. This was the Mc Donalds in Jalan Silang opposite the old Metro Jaya. A multi storey building on the corner. Additionally the first floor is quiet and it helps if the student happens to live around Petaling Street.

5) Workers. You get the same surly drop-out workers in Mc D's but at least they are local drop outs. At one point the guy looking back at you from across the counter in KFC was more likely than not a Bangla. I have nothing against Banglas but couldn't they at least get someone who understands English since I don't speak Bangla? Asking for the meal number 3 to go should not be an exercise in linguistics.

Secretly I've been brainwashed by Mc Donalds. There's one downstairs from the gym where I go and after a good workout it's always a secret sin to go buy a small ice cream cone. Where else can you get such oozy goodness for just one measly ringgit.

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