Monday, May 29, 2006

Hit em where it hurts and when it hurts

When the most Islamic of places in South East Asia was hit by a tsunami we did not sit around whinging about the judgemental wrath of God like the Muslim clerics. We helped. We were there. However once the help was taken, once the rice was eaten, once the money was spent it appears that the Achenese have gone back to their bad old ways.

Religious fundamentalists will not change and it appears that the people of Indonesia have neither the backbone nor the balls to make a change occur. Now there's been an earthquake. Guess what Indonesia is doing? Yes. Poor little nation is again holding out its hand for money. I say to every reader that its their right to spend their money as they wish. For me? I have better places to spend my money rather than on people who support trashing their neigbhours. Maybe their fundamentalist brothers will extend some aide, assuming they haven't already spent all their funds on plastic explosives for churches.

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