Monday, January 16, 2006

Why do our Muslim neighbours hate our children?

Muslims stole someones dead body and deprived his wife of any recourse to reclaim his remains. Remains of a man she stood by until he drew his last breath. She's a heroine however you see it and the Muslims in Malaysia have shown themselves to be vultures for there is no other name for a creature that swoops in after death and claims a corpse.

In response the interfaith organisation MCCBCHS organized a candle light vigil outside the court where this denial of justice occured. We would call it a traversty of justice but there was no justice to speak of, just a Muslim judge partnering with his Muslim brother who was the agent of a Muslim court denying recourse to a non-Muslim woman in a secular court financed by all Malaysians regardless of race or creed.

It appears that the MCCBCHS has lost faith in its ability to change things. This is worrying in extreme for the simple reason that if we no longer have recourse through the courts then we must seek to find recourse in spite of the courts. The step of asking people to be silent has begun.

In the time of the apostle Peter the courts of his day forbade them from speaking of Christ. They did this for only one reason which is listed in Acts 5 'You seek to bring the blood of this man on us'. Yes and today we seek to lay the blood of this stolen corpse upon the courts of the land too. Not much has changed.

The reason for doing this msut always remain foremost in our minds. It is better to obey God than men. That God seeks justice is clear.

This was an opportune moment for our Muslim neighbours to show us good faith and indicate that they stand with us in demanding that justice is done and all get a fair hearing. Yet this is sadly not the case. Show me eight Muslim blogs who are standing with us.

Why eight? To stand in opposition to these eight

eight Muslim organisations on Thursday which urged the Government not to amend or repeal Article 121(1A) of the Federal Constitution which deals with the powers of the civil and Syariah courts.

The organisations, such as the Malaysian Muslim Scholars Association and the Malaysian Muslim Youth Movement, were opposed to amending that article as it would allow the civil courts to hear cases involving Syariah. An alternative, they said, was to amend the Constitution to allow non-Muslims access to the Syariah Court.

Yes these eight Muslim organisations want the Syariah enlarged in response to their grave-robbing. That they have betrayed and attacked the rights of their neighbours is already in enough bad taste. That they have acted in bad faith is already a reflection of what they truly are when they pretend to be your friends.

Now they hope to be rewarded for this obscene act with more power for their courts. Where's the outrage in the Muslim world? The silence is defeaning. We can no longer afford to wait until our Muslim neighbours join us on the barricades to respond to the hoards of barbarians who would over run our shared civilization. Wait a minute, they ARE the unruly barbarians baying at the gates for blood and it is now our blood they cry for.

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