Thursday, July 20, 2006

Your tax dollars at work

The government says that for Malaysia to be prosperous we need a well educated workforce. For this to happen we need universities. So your tax dollars go to pay for universities. End up universities got not enough Malay students. Why? Who the hell knows. They attend the same schools as non-Malay children, study under the same teachers and use the same books. Maybe is that they are born fucking-stupid but I don't think so, this is just an excuse.

So since they fail under the same system, using same teachers and same books, in same school, the government have to introduce quota. Quota make sure got Malay student in university. If no Malay student in uni then what will happen to the fucking Islamic study department. Who will sponsor the preachers of jihad. Without these preachers of jihad filling young impressionable minds with rubbish we have no future prime minister. To be prime minister no need to graduate in law or economics even though you decide what is law and how to spend countries money. Be Islamic Studies graduate is far better. No wonder Muslim countries usually quite poor and the laws are quite stupid also.

Quotas, as in turns out, also not a good solution. After all the fella who goes in on a quota suddenly feel like he is stupid. Good, he should. When you don't want to study and want to make trouble only then is only right that you feel like you little bit stupid. Put shark in goldfish pond sure the goldfish get eaten. Turn up the quota students do the worse in university.

Suddenly seems like bad idea. Malay people make the rules of the game and they still can lose. Government need to rethink strategy. Never mind, set up new university called Islamic university and invite students from country where people study even less. How about Africa. Good idea. They very busy to kill each other and start war and have AIDs. No nobel prize from that part of the world. Our goldfish should be safe from these students. Oh shit, end up our Malay student still do worse than the African.

Need to think again. This time the decision is not to make the student work harder. That solution would be too logical. The solution is to boost his self image by introducing a second parallel education stream known as matriculation. To name the stream 'Stupid student can get A to enter uni stream' was felt to be unwise.

Now we got movie for you all to see why Malay student go to university. Other people go there to study but they go there to make riot. Go here to see your tax dollars at work.

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