Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Stop Getting Overcharged At The Checkout!

If you dwell in the state of Michigan, there is a law that protects the consumer that you may not be aware of; not too many people are, so I would wish to share it with everyone so that as a consumer, you can protect yourself. It's called the scanner law.

If you buy an point that is marked with a terms tag, and then at the check-out procedure you are overcharged for the item, you are entitled to the difference that you were overcharged plus 10 modern times the difference up to $5.00 which is usually referred to as the 'bonus'.

Let's say for illustration you purchased a battalion of batteries that was marked $3.85 with a terms tag. You then continue to take the point to the hard cash registry where the teller scans the point and it scans for $4.35. Wage for item. Now continue to the client service desk to acquire your money back. For this illustration you were overcharged 50 cents so you will acquire that back automatically. State the client service rep "doesn't this measure up for the bonus?" or something to that effect, to allow them cognize you cognize about the scanner law. They will quietly state "yes" and start filling out the paperwork to give you your bonus. In this case, you will acquire $5; (50 cents x 10). So, for this purchase you actually got the batteries for free asset $1.12 in your pocket!

In order to accumulate 'the bonus' you must continue through the check-out procedure and pay for the point at the scanned price. Then take the point and your reception to the client service desk. If you advise the teller at the clip she is scanning the point you will not be awarded the fillip because you are giving the shop the chance to rectify the error. Be aware that the shop will not voluntarily give you the money you are entitled, you have got to allow them cognize that you cognize about the scanner law.

For more than specific information about this law and how you can protect yourself, visit Michigan.gov.

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