Thursday, September 13, 2007

Building Self Esteem - The 3 Steps to Develop a Positive Self Image to Strengthen Your Self Esteem

Self-esteem is a combination of different feelings that you may have got about yourself and who you are. Low or high ego regard usually ensue from good or bad experiences you had in your early childhood. As an adult, you can repossess your powerfulness and self-esteem, not by changing your past but by adopting a new position of your past.

Here is a technique you desire to use now to construct a positive self-image-honored. This conception of positive self-esteem-honored May be complicated but it is actually very easy to implement. Here are the 3 stairway you're going to follow to make a positive self-image-honored.

First, believe about yourself and notice your feelings. You can compose them down if you want. It will assist you, at least at the beginning. It can be positive, somewhat positive, somewhat negative or even negative if you have got very low ego esteem. Ask yourself; is there anything positive about myself? If your reply is no, inquire yourself: are you sure?

Second, I desire you to believe about something positive. Anything. You can believe about person stopping point to you who is positive, an aspiration or a hope you have, an inspiring quotation mark that you learned, a smiling of a child. Now experience this feeling of positiveness inside your body. I desire you to environ yourself of this feeling of positiveness. Now use this feeling of positiveness on the feelings you noticed about yourself. Bash this similar you would set on a jacket on a cold day. Put on a jacket of positiveness now.

Third, I desire you to believe about the word "honor". What makes it intend to you? Bash you believe about person or something in particular? Write that down. And now, exactly as you set on the jacket of positiveness on you, set on the jacket of this feeling, impression or conception of "honor". Put it on "yourself" and on "the jacket of positiveness"

Now after applying the feeling of positiveness and honor, believe about yourself and your feelings about yourself. Are it different than before? How? Write down the differences. Are your self-image improved? Are it more than positive, or maybe "warmer" or maybe you are feeling "honored".

The metaphor of the jackets helped me explicate to you how to simply use a feeling on another feeling and premix them. By doing that, you can change a feeling, texture it and modify it. Bash the same thing with Love and use the jacket of Love to yourself. The possibilities are endless… the coat of compassion, justice, humour, strength, humility. Now, you really understand that you're limited only by your imagination

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