Monday, September 24, 2007

Self Esteem - Keys To Building Healthy Self Esteem

What makes self-esteem? Self-esteem stems from what you believe and believe about yourself. If you have got negative beliefs about who and what you are, you will fight with low self-esteem.

You won't experience better about yourself when you

  • Make tons of money
  • Find your life partner
  • Have people's approval
  • Have a baby
You might experience a small better for a piece but it won't last because healthy ego regard isn't dependent on these things. You could have got got every 1 of the above and still not have a deep sense of self-esteem. That's because self-esteem doesn't have got anything to make with external things, such as as looks, approval, money, human relationships or having children.

People alteration their opinions. Jobs come up to an end. Accidents go on without any warning. Externals can change in an instant.

Self-esteem is the consequence of what you believe about yourself and how you handle yourself.

Your beliefs and actions don't have got to be governed by your past. However badly you were treated as a child, or whatever people have got said about you, you can develop healthy self-esteem. You don't have got to hold with the messages you've received from others about yourself. You don't have got to fall in with those voices and be your ain worst critic.

How can you counter these negative influences?

You can counter these negative voices by agreeing with Supreme Being about what He states about you. You can have got assurance and strong ego belief when you root yourself firmly in the unchangeable truth of God. If you are rooted in anything else your ego regard will fluctuate and plumb bob once they melt away.

God is changeless. His word is truth. Choose to believe what Supreme Being states about you. You are cherished to Him.

Jesus didn't dwell in the perfect environment. He was ridiculed and misunderstood. Yet He was supremely confident because He knew who He was in God.

Your personal identity doesn't depend on something you make or have got done. Your true personal identity is who you are in Christ.

Remember who created you and who you are in Jesus. Agree with what Supreme Being states about you. Eliminate the prevarications that have got taken root and renew your head with the word of God. Knowing the truth of who you are in Supreme Being will transform your life and cause your ego regard to soar. Try it and see for yourself.

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