Friday, November 16, 2007

Asean Needs Human Rights Enforcement Arm, Rights Group Says

The Association of Southeast Asian
Nation's new legal charter necessitates an independent enforcement
mechanism for human rights abuses, Person Rights Watch said,
adding that the group's reaction to Myanmar's pro-democracy
crackdown will be a diagnostic test of the charter.

''The charter misses any processes to implement its
principles and incorporates weak conformity provisions,'' the
New York-based organisation said today in an unfastened missive to
Asean secretary full general Ong Keng Yong. ''There is no clear
mechanism to take action against states, such as as Burma, that
simply disregard the charter's human rights provisions.''

Association Of Southeast Asian Nations leaders, meeting next hebdomad in Singapore, are put to
sign the charter Nov. 20, its first legally binding document
since the group's initiation 40 old age ago. Members establish to be in
violation of its regulations will be referred to the leadership for
action. A bill of exchange of the charter shows that the 10-nation group
will still govern by consensus, rejecting proposals to add voting,
expulsion or countenances on its members.

''Much More is needed if the charter's purposes of protecting
and promoting human rights are to be achieved,'' Person Rights
Watch said. ''The charter's listing of rules are quite vague,
and only perpetrate Association Of Southeast Asian Nations member states very broadly to make what they
are already jump to make under international law and the UN

The rights group's missive also said Association Of Southeast Asian Nations should take
action once Union Of Burma Prime Curate Thein Sein marks the

Civilian Transition

''Since its admittance in 1997, Myanmar have continuously
embarrassed Association Of Southeast Asian Nations by breakage 1 pledge after another to make
progress on national rapprochement and the passage to
civilian government,'' it said.

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, have been under military
rule since 1962 and instituted a ''seven-point roadmap'' to
restore democracy in 2003.

General Than Shwe's government have faced international
condemnation since it deployed soldiers Sept. Twenty-Six to oppress the
biggest anti-government protestations in almost 20 years. As many as
110 people were killed and 100s detained in the crackdown.

United Nations Particular Envoy to Union Of Burma Ibrahim Gambari is scheduled to
be in Capital Of Singapore adjacent hebdomad to brief top Association Of Southeast Asian Nations functionaries and their
regional partners.

Association Of Southeast Asian Nations includes Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia,
Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar
and Vietnam.

To reach the newsman on this story:
En-Lai Yeoh in Capital Of Singapore at


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