Saturday, July 14, 2007

What's The Differences Between Probation And Parole

A reader asked this good inquiry and I'll seek to give you the facts between the two.

First, word is only given to an individual that is serving clip in a prison. If your original sentence is two years, it could be cut short. State you served one twelvemonth of your sentence with no behaviour problems. Then you might travel before the word board and be eligible to function your last twelvemonth as a semifinal free person. The ground why I state semifinal free is because you must function that free clip law-breaking free. If you perpetrate a misdemeanor or crime, you'll have got to travel back to prison house and function that last year, plus whatever sentence you received for the law-breaking that put option you back there!

Probation is usually clip given to a individual in stead of jail. State you committed a law-breaking that transports a sentence of two years. The justice could then suspend sending you to jailhouse for two old age and instruct you to function that clip a semifinal free person. This agency no criminal action during those two years. If you perpetrate a crime, off to jailhouse you travel for the original two years. It's usually given to people who committed no violent crime, have no criminal record, or if the justice simply have compassionateness for you.

Oh, before person asked what's a word board. A word board is a grouping of functionaries ( usually consisting of 3-7 people) that reappraisals captives profiles to find which are a hazard to society and which might be trusted to faithfully execute the 'parole'. They are usually appointed by the governor of the state they represent.

I trust this explicates the differences between the two actions. Take attention all!

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